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by Lanny Carruthers:

Trump has a chance to restore law and order like no other President in history.  Also included are a few priorities that should be pursued by the President and Republicans or Republicans will be toast in the 2018 midterm election… not Trump!

How does cutting grass unite Americans in anger and prohibiting the burning of grass divide Americans into anger?

Attorney General Sessions smacked the hornet’s nest exposing the hypocrisy of the leftist Democrats and Republicans.  Sessions’ directive to United States Attorneys to enforce the law of the United States, not cherry pick which laws to enforce, and which laws to ignore have the hornets out in full force ready to sting anyone that crosses their path.

A general rule of thumb is this:  Democrats hate the Constitution until they can pervert the use of constitutional language to progress their socialist agenda.  They typically use the United States Supreme Court as a cheap trick as a means to an end instead of the legislative process.  Every time someone is offended or feel their rights have been violated they run to the courts.  This time their past perversions have come back to burn them.

Everyone from liberal-icon and Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Republican Sen. Rand Paul has criticized Sessions for his directive on various grounds.  Now that’s a historic accomplishment to get those two to agree on anything!  Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not create this problem.  If this was such a pressing national issue why haven’t the Democrats run for cover to the U.S. Supreme Court before now to overturn the federal law?  Why wasn’t the media whining about this issue before CNN’s tutorial on the use of bongs on national TV?  Why didn’t Republicans address their sacred concern about overreach and growth of government?  The law was the law before Sessions became AG and Trump elected President.  Now everyone is acting like angry hornets since Sessions crossed their paths.

It would take too long to explain a complicated legal history of how we have reached the point to where people are arguing over marijuana and states’ rights.  So take a look at the short list of principal duties of the Attorney General.   Nowhere in those duties does it say the Attorney General has the right to legislate or modify laws.  That is a function of the legislative branch.  End of argument and the attempt to lynch Sessions.

In the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers’ declared that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  This declaration does not say “…Life, Liberty, and the guarantee of Happiness.”  Through judicial activism, the Constitution has been perverted to give the central government powers that were not delegated to it that should be reserved to the states, or the people.

The fact that one state permits an action/activity and another state does not; an individual is still afforded the right to pursue happiness in the state that does permit.  Just because an individual lives in a state that doesn’t permit an action/activity an individual desires doesn’t violate their right to the pursuit of happiness.  How many times have you heard those on the left AND those on the right say, “If you don’t like it you can leave!”  If a majority of people in a state (or city) vote in favor of “X” and an individual doesn’t agree with “X” they have the right to leave, not create a public nuisance or disturb the peace.  Otherwise, homeowner associations must close up shop and neighborhoods be allowed to become a free-for-all.

A first action to restore law and order would be for the President to discuss with Sen. McConnell about abolishing the 60-vote rule to conform to what the founding fathers intended.  This rule is no more a sincere Senate tradition than Chuck Schumer and Barack Hussein Obama’s crocodile tears!  Nowhere, I repeat, nowhere can it be said to be Constitutional.  It is not mentioned in the Constitution.  The Constitution clearly specifies a “supermajority” vote for a limited list of Senate actions such as ratification of treaties, conviction of a President in an impeachment trial, overriding presidential vetoes, approving constitutional amendments, and barring a disabled President from regaining power if the President objects to staying on the sidelines.  Get rid of the 60-vote rule!

Secondly, Trump needs to meet with AG Sessions, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Rep. Paul Ryan to discuss restoring states’ rights.  The House and Senate must pass a bill that eliminates the Controlled Substances Act – and no other subjects or amendments included.  This will allow each state to determine if and how to regulate such substances.  If state legislatures wish to duck the issue and abstain, they can punt the issue to a state referendum and let the people decide.  At this point, the opioid crisis becomes a state issue and up to the states to handle.  Some may call me an a-hole for this and inhumane, but it doesn’t matter how many people overdose in West Virginia to Californians.  States can decide what their societal norm is going to be and how many people a year they are prepared to house in prisons.  If the “Marijuana Joints’ Lives Matter Group” wants to hold an annual smoke-out convention, they can go to Colorado and light’em up!  Pharmaceutical companies then can deal with state legislatures.  It will cost extra lobbying dollars, but Medicare agencies and insurance companies can hold the line on what they are willing to pay for drugs.  The sooner this issue is taken off the table and allowed to pass into the memory of the 24-hour news cycle; it takes the issue out of the 2018 midterm election.

A third action would be for the President to propose an infrastructure bill to the House and Senate.  Either let Senate Democrats get on board or vote against it.

A fourth action would be for the President to allow DACA to expire and eliminate itself.  If the President and Republicans cave and pass any form of DACA it will weaken the President’s Constitutional powers going forward that are expressly authorized.  Any attempt to cave to Democrats on this issue and the Republicans are burnt toast in the midterms.  The President needs to continue asserting his Constitutional powers on immigration and defend them in the courts as needed against brain-dead liberals.  The sooner this issue is taken off the table and allowed to pass into the memory of the 24-hour news cycle; it takes the issue out of the 2018 midterm election.

A fifth action would be for the President to propose immigration reform to the House and Senate for consideration – without any other subjects or amendments included.  The “Wall” has already been authorized and need be completed.  These are priorities that must be addressed or it will help push Republicans off the cliff in the 2018 midterms.

A sixth action would be for the House and Senate to pass legislation or more so a resolution acknowledging the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and its intent that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.  The right to bear arms is in the Constitution prohibits the infringement of any government state or federal from infringing upon that right.  Only through judicial activism and legislative misconduct was it usurped by the United States Supreme Court and state legislatures.  A National gun reciprocity law must be passed to force all states to comply with the intent of the Constitution until the courts come to their senses and overturn all state gun laws pertaining to the legal possession of firearms.

A seventh action would be for the House and Senate to pass a resolution barring the federal government from any involvement in defining marriage and expressly defer the issue to the states for their consideration.  Marriage is not listed anywhere in the Constitution as a delegated power to the federal government.  If it is not specifically a power delegated to the federal government, then the federal government has no authority to restrict or affirm any aspect of marriage unless a constitutional amendment delegating such power.

At this time no proposed amendment has passed delegating such authority.  Only through judicial activism was it usurped by the United States Supreme Court.  At this point, states could enact any law(s) regarding marriage and expressly prohibit interference by the federal government.  Before some start screeching and hollering “Obergefell” there may be other solutions.  Marriage was not specifically mentioned as a right in the Constitution.  The right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” does apply as a right(s).  So long as a state makes some legal accommodation such as “civil union” or “gay union” that acknowledges all the same rights as traditional marriage, no one’s rights are infringed.

At this point, it becomes an argument over words and not rights.  Also, states could enter reciprocal agreements with other states regarding marriage laws and/or civil union laws they will honor and which they will not.  On a side note, if the Obergefell decision is to be the accepted law of the land, then all state laws regarding guns are hereby null and void.  Driving and driver licenses should hereby be considered a right and not a privilege.

A general word of thought to President Trump:  stop promoting your whole achievement of the first year around the rise of the stock market.  While the stock market does affect all Americans and their retirement accounts, the average American doesn’t give a rip about how high the stock market climbed today.  The average American that you need to persuade and court doesn’t come home every day to log into their Ameritrade account to see how much money they gained or lost that day.  They care about ideas that affect their everyday lives:  how much they gained or lost in every paycheck, not getting shot while going to the grocery store, not getting raped or shot by illegal immigrants, job opportunities, how to afford prescription drugs, whether they are allowed drink a 20oz Diet Coke or not with their McDonald’s Big Mac.  The American directly and tangibly affected by the stock market rise either already hate you or love you and no amount of money will persuade them otherwise.  Promoting the rise of individual, average Americans and individual success will remove the Democrats’ broken record screech of class warfare.

The tax reform bill is a great start.  It will directly impact Americans and a tangible difference they can see.  Come October 1, 2018, you need to hold press conferences and town halls across America and invite average Americans to bring their October 2017 paycheck and their October 2018 pay check to share the difference.  Ask them how your policies have positively affected their lives…Morning in America!  While you know what policies will Make America Great Again, by appealing to Americans to reflect on how their lives have improved in the past two years, they will be able to tangibly connect their good fortune, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to America First policies..and they are the ones who control their destiny.

Keep the path straight ahead on your foreign policy.  Americans are already seeing tangible results.

Entitlement spending should be taken up after the 2018 midterm elections.

I agree that Draining the Swamp and anger at the Establishment is a concern that drives opinion of average Americans.  But without tangible benefits to their daily lives, Draining the Swamp will start sounding like a “this one time at band camp” story.

A word to the Republican Party and Establishment.  Failure to work with President Trump and promote America First Policies will lead to your death.  President Trump is driven by results for the American people, not politics.  If Republicans blow the chance and lose the 2018  midterm elections Trump will negotiate the best deal for Americans he can get as long as it moves the needle in favor of the American people. If a deal would move the needle in a negative direction for the American people he will walk away from the table.  Does the Republican Party want a seat at that table?

Most Americans are a proud people.  They are patriotic people.  The past eight years of the Barack Hussein Obama administration brought out that patriotism and elected you President to Make America Great Again.  Don’t apologize for being Trump.  Don’t apologize for being uppity.  Don’t apologize for being America First.  Don’t apologize for Making America Great Again.  Just lead us as a proud President and the people will respond favorably!

These are just a few suggestions maybe say New Year’s resolutions to look at to promote the America First agenda by President Trump.  I stand with President Trump!

What other constitutional, states’ rights and other America First agenda items should be considered to Make America Great Again?

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  1. Restore the Original Constitution in all it’s Glory. Restore our American common law…Not the current admiralty /UCC laws. Restore our Jural assemblies…Courts…etc. Restore our Treasury Notes. UN INCORPORATE all states, cities and counties as was done to enslave the people through revenue sharing an block grants. Corporate entities we are not, only by fraud we were entrapped by birth certificate…ie Cusip bond, drivers license, voter registration, marriage license and passports to make us all US INC. Servants under corporation contracts…SAD, HOWEVER TRUE !

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