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by Lanny Carruthers:

Following President Trump’s recent speech at the FBI Academy (not to the FBI Academy) here are some of the media headlines:  Trump Disses FBI Just Before Speech at Quantico; Trump Laments FBI, lauds Law Enforcement; Trump Blasts FBI Leadership; Trump Assails FBI Leadership; and Trump Calls Conduct at the FBI “Disgraceful” in Latest Criticism of Bureau.

The media headlines could be misinterpreted as Trump “interfering” with a lawful investigation, Trump is laying the groundwork to fire Mueller, and Trump is obstructing justice.  As usual, the Fake News media strikes again!  The Washington Post in its opening paragraph of an article reported on some of Trump’s FBI remarks “just before he appeared at its training facility to praise the nation’s police officers.”  All of the headlines and reporting are fake news because the media wants everyone to think that President Trump criticized the FBI before FBI Academy graduates.  When in fact, Trump criticized the FBI before speaking to more than 200 law enforcement officers that graduated a program that teaches FBI expertise and standards…not FBI Academy Graduates part of the FBI.  Later in the article, the Washington Post finally clarified that “While the event was held at a well-known FBI facility, the audience did not include many FBI personnel.  The graduating class comprised law enforcement officials from elsewhere, so the crowd was mostly those individuals and their families.”  Better late than never to make that clarification in the article.  This clarification is a by-product of the Fake News story propagated by ABC News’ Brian Ross that the public need to be aware will become a “journalistic standard” going forward to cover their butt(s).

But what about President Trump’s actual remarks aimed at the FBI?  My first reaction would be to ask the question, “What has he said about the FBI that was false?”  By now we know many in the FBI and Department of Justice, from former FBI Director James Comey across the board, there are dozens of professional agents that have crossed the line and become rogue agents.  Many of the activities uncovered show a shadowy group of agents with biased opinions that exemplify unethical conduct, demonstrate malicious prosecution, and even warrant review by the bar association they are subject as a member.  The case is developing that indicates a covert operation has been underway to overthrow the duly elected President and government of the United States.

“Lady Justice” seems to be standing with a gun to her head by rogue agents holding her hostage.  In criminal trials, judges will order a change of venue to achieve a fair trial.  A judge may strike a juror who exhibits or communicates the inability to render a verdict solely on the law and evidence without consideration of any personal beliefs or prejudices.  Evidence may be excluded from trial or mistrials granted due to rogue police officers performing illegal search and seizures to obtain evidence or that have made false statements to investigators.

“In our constitutional system, police powers are executive powers. They may not be wielded by any other branch of the federal government. This is why, to take a topical example, Robert Mueller, the newly appointed “special counsel” who has taken over the so-called Russia investigation (which includes the Flynn probe), is not an “independent counsel” — he answers to the president and reports to Justice Department leadership.” – Andrew McCarthy, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  McCarthy also stated that “The President is the superior of the attorney general, who in turn is the superior of the FBI director — the FBI is a component of the Justice Department. In sum, the FBI director works for and answers to the president.”

Therefore, McCarthy’s above statements establish the foundation to classify Trump’s recent remarks about the FBI (and DOJ) as “constructive criticism” and not obstruction of justice or the like.  To suggest Trump’s “constructive criticism” is anything other than an execution of his constitutional authority is an uneducated and ignorant propaganda narrative to further one’s own political position rather one’s educated interpretation of the law.

Also be it resolved; McCarthy’s statements make the FBI and DOJ President Trump’s inherited mess to clean up even though it was not his own creation.  There is a cancer in the FBI and DOJ that has maligned two agencies that are meant to be agencies of integrity and professionalism.  The inept and corrupt leadership of both agencies has led to this mess.  Now it will be President Trump’s job to reform and rehabilitate both agencies with the help of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Both men are more than capable of handling this job.

President Trump’s public criticisms directed toward the FBI and DOJ should be considered mild mannered.  While in the Oval Office Trump should be making much more profane, derogatory, and executive directives to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and FBI Director Christopher Wray.  The media should be outside the FBI and DOJ offices with news cameras reporting on the line of people carrying boxes of personal belongings to their cars or Metro station.  Some should be broadcast on televisions across the nation walking out of their respective FBI or DOJ building in handcuffs.  As Attorney General Jeff Sessions undertakes this task I do not want to hear a peep out of the mainstream news media about Sessions’ overhaul of the Department of Justice.  Had the media not been complicit in the compromised investigation(s) and actually performed their jobs as responsible journalists they would have credibility to report on Sessions’ overhaul.  According to evidence we know publicly, there is no foundation for Sessions to recuse himself from the organizational overhaul of these agencies.

President Barack Hussein Obama, Democrats, former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorneys General Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder are responsible for silently corrupting these two agencies over the last eight years.  Now I want them to be responsible legally and responsible for their continued silence as President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and FBI Director Christopher Wray right their predecessors’ wrongs.

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  1. I remember. When you could go places and be ok.. frankly I’m sick of the lawlessness in this country.. when are these ppl gonna get tried…

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