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by Ruth Riddle:

President Trump campaigned on the promise of building a wall and having Mexico pay for it. There is no alternative to a wall. Although more border agents and technology will help stem the tide of illegal immigrants, a permanent barrier is the most effective preventive measure.

The current political leverage is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which must be resolved by March 2018. President Trump has affirmed that there is no DACA legislation without border wall funding. Leveraging DACA for the wall is a political win:win. These innocent childhood arrivals (some 800,000) will only continue, if the tide of illegal immigrants is not stemmed.

As immigration laws are reformed, we prevent future problems with a permanent barrier. As discussed previously, the wall will cost as much as $40 billion – more if delays occur. However, the annual cost of illegal immigrants is said to be $113 billion. Even a layman can calculate the significant savings that will be realized by a wall.

As far as Mexico paying, that, too, can be achieved. Here are some of the ways cited by President Trump and Republican legislators:

1. Banks handling wires from the US to Mexico can require strict proof of citizenship. It is estimated that over $25 billion is wired from illegal immigrants to their Mexican families. This loss of spending power by Mexican families of illegals could force Mexico to share in the cost of the wall.
2. The US can impose a border tax on Mexican exports to the United States. Such a tax might be as large as 20%.
3. The US can cancel its annual foreign aid to Mexico – approximately $200 million.

Additionally, President Trump has suggested that the wall include solar panels, which would generate electricity and, thus, income.

As our economy strengthens under President Trump, there will be even greater pressure for Mexicans and others from the south to enter our country illegally. If they have skills and services to offer, immigration reform will ensure that they are accorded every consideration for work visas, as well as a place in line for legal entry and a path to citizenship.

Increased detective measures, including employer e-verify, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will identify illegal immigrants and guarantee deportation. The harboring of illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities will be addressed by the withdrawal of federal funding for these cities.

The Trump Wall is not negotiable. It must be built. President Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration has stemmed the tide for a time. His promise of a wall must be fulfilled. And laws governing immigration must be passed, eliminating chain migration and lotteries. Sanctuary cities must be challenged by ending their federal funding. The merit-based rules for American citizenship must be clear and accord every applicant fair consideration. Every American must be able to sleep at night, knowing that the wall helps ensure the security of a sovereign nation, just as the locked front door of every American’s home ensures the security of the family within.

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  1. There *is* a superior alternative to building a dead, sterile wall: that would be to dam up the Rio Grande into the Lago Grande, the longest canal / locks / hydroelectric / wetlands project on the planet. A fence down the center would straighten the border (reducing its official length) and with a highway system on *both* sides of the fence, with official and secure crossing borders over every lock, an economic boom would follow as the waterfront properties skyrocket in value, and the increased wetlands would support greater hunting, fishing, and recreation / tourism.

    In short, the Wall would pay for *itself!*

    • Joseph E. Catanzarite
      This is a genius plan and should be given consideration. The artificial barrier wall is onerous, we need a border and this would be a boon to the US and Mexican economy. The ramifications are endless and naysayers could have a field day, but it would work better than most I’ve see so far. It’s your idea Richard pound away at it. I’ll write the President in your behalf.

  2. Richard Carl Silk
    You are a “Genius”! Do you know what the left does to “genius”?
    To continue your proposal: The plan would be an economic boom to both sides “busy hands and minds” the Makers workshop. The Governments would only inspect and counsel. This is a project that would draw innovators as well as renovators. Who is interested? President Trump should be. Where is the private money? Even the left should be concerned with repairing the “shitholes” or are they only a bunch of pretenders (though both sides could use some “reckoning” like in “I reckon that would work”). The project needs funding and seems like only possible with Gov’t funding but with private enterprise enthusiasm it would work. It has potential just draw up the goal and sidestep the road blocks.

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