Trump Triumphantly Returned To The Campaign Trail, While Biden Stumbles His Way Through Ohio

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President Donald Trump triumphantly returned to the campaign trail for the first time since his coronavirus diagnosis, staging a rally in Florida.

Meanwhile, Democratic nominee Joe Biden was in Ohio, stumbling and bumbling as usual.

Trump Triumphantly Returns To Florida

Thousands of people filled the tarmac of Orlando Sanford International Airport to welcome Trump back to Florida, a state that voted for him in 2016 but according to the polls remains up for grabs this year.

Of course, CNN kept pushing their Trump-Hate narrative.

President Trump feeding off the energy of the crowd finished his night by showing us that his battle with COVID wasn’t slowing him down.

Meanwhile…Bumbling Biden Remains As Confused As Ever In Ohio

In stark contrast to the high energy campaigning of President Trump, on the other end of the spectrum Democrat nominee Joe Biden, Campaigning in Ohio, had quite a dismal day.

Sleepy Joe started out his day by reminding Ohio voters that he’s a proud Democrat whose running for…The Senate

Sleepy Joe Biden delivered his remarks at a drive-in campaign event in Toledo, Ohio on Monday.

It was a bad day for Sleepy Joe not only did he forgot he’s running for president, he told Ohio voters to go to a website that doesn’t exist.

Joe Biden then headed to Cincinnati for what his campaign dubbed ‘a voter mobilization event‘ and he was greeted by a couple of chairs and…


Of course, according to the mainstream media, Joe Biden is leading by 14 points…Umm, no.


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