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President Trump is planning to hold campaign-style rallies at which he will reveal some of the 2020 Election Voter Fraud that the media refuses to report on such as Americans who supposedly voted in the presidential election despite being deceased.

The group of rallies, first reported Sunday by Axios, will be focused on highlighting the Trump campaign’s legal effort to win back a lost election by highlighting specific examples of voter fraud.

The obituaries specifically are meant to act as evidence that President-elect Biden won the election by what the Trump team has repeatedly referred to as “illegal” votes.

There is “no daylight” between those working on the Trump campaign and those in the Trump White House, specifically senior adviser Jared Kushner and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“We all have the same goal in mind, which is using the legal process over the next many days and weeks ahead to make sure that the president is re-elected,” one adviser said.

Other Voter Fraud Identified By Trump’s Lawyers:

  • Challenging the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision that ballots arriving up to three days late can be counted in the total. The US Supreme Court has already ruled those ballots must be kept segregated and tallied separately, while the case is pending
  • At least 15 ballots, and as many as 100, have been cast on behalf of dead people in Pennsylvania
  • Pushing the FBI to investigate claims from a postal worker in Pennsylvania that supervisors instructed him to back-date postmarks on postal ballots
  • Investigating ballot-counting software in Michigan that tallied 6,000 Trump votes as Biden votes. That supposed “error” was caught and corrected, but the same software was used in at least 30 states.
  • Investigating claims that up to 9,000 people who no longer live in Nevada were allowed to vote in the state.
  • Investigating claims that people who went to vote on election day were told that their ballots had already been cast for them, by someone else
  • Raising doubts over software used to check signatures on mail-in ballots cast in Clark County, Nevada.
  • Poll workers blatantly handing out sharpies for voters to use to fill in their ballot, despite the fact that ‘Sharpies’ are forbidden since the ‘bleed-through’ would negate their ballot.
  • The sudden appearance of 200,000 Biden ballots in Michigan.

While specific locations and dates have not yet been announced, the Trump team is focusing their efforts on the must-win swing states: Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, although other states could be included, a campaign official stated.


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  1. why do you think they told Biden to stay home,they knew they were going to fix the voting so Trump couldn’t win. look at the map look at the red,then look at 10 pm that night Trump was way ahead we go to the middle of the night here comes something out of nowhere.Biden,Biden what the hell we are all sleeping. votes coming in from all over in vans software for Biden,that’s why they weren’t worried they knew what they were doing cheating. they tried a coup that didn’t work so this.

  2. thus entire election isa sham the dem s have gone out on a limb this time to ceat in every way possible thisblatant /rampant cheating automatically disquallifies biden from the election and it is forfeit. the criminality of the demparty shows that if they keep this illegal win theAmerica as we know it will cease to exist ,the 8 years under a non American piece of shit was almost the end of this contry ,and his hand picked crook hillary was upposed to finish the job ,but trump stepped in adgave the American peopletheperson to whom they knew wold not sell out America ,now after making America great and bringing it back up from thebrim of destruction ,the dem scum are so pissed they are in a do or die mode. if you want America to survive and continue to be the free country you know for your children and grand children ,THEN YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO KEEP TRUMP THE PRES AND END THIS THREAT OF CHINESE COMMUNIST TAKE OVER ,OR RATHER HANDED OVER BY BIDEN AND COMP.

  3. No matter what Biden who has never earned an honest dollar in his life gets away with, it will not end well for the sorry pos. It’s hard for me to understand a guy who has been caught plagiarizing everything from speeches by other to using another persons written paper in law school can still be considered anywhere close to honest. His law school is certainly in no way close to what I know. One hint of plagiarism and you’re out of law school. If ever there was an empty suit it’s this lowlife Joe Biden.

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