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Reported from a group of Trump supporters-Madison Rising, who attended the Tulsa Rally together-
VERY SAD to report that one of our team was subject to extreme harassment this afternoon by a member of a Southwest Airlines flight crew as we returned home after performing at the Trump rally in Tulsa, OK.

An extremely angry, disheveled flight attendant was triggered by the sight of memorabilia from the rally (which he only saw; glared at actually) for about 10 seconds as we boarded and put it away in the overhead bin.

Upon takeoff, he singled out our group and targeted us multiple times for alleged mask violations (while ignoring the fact that several other passsagners in adjacent seats were doing the exact same thing, which we pointed out to him). He then continued to glare at us each time he passed through the aisle, and then intentionally bumped a member of our team one of the times he went by.

Moments later, he demanded the boarding pass and ID of the MR team member he was harassing. Since there was no basis for this demand, AND this flight attendant had every physical, behavioral and emotional characteristic of the typical Antifa member (think disgusting foaming at the mouth slob), there was NO WAY we were giving him any of our personal information.

Enraged by his failed power trip, he threatened to have the police extract this information from us when we landed. As expected, we were escorted off the plane, but the cops were completely professional the whole time, saw no reason whatsoever for the call, and let us go with no further issues. The other flight attendants were clearly embarrassed by the conduct of this one rogue buffoon.

It is definitely a sad time in America when those who absolutely despise our country (and despise the people who love our country) feel such hatred and such entitlement that they believe they have the right to do anything to sabotage the lives and careers of others. Our attorney will be filing a formal complaint with the airline tomorrow, which will likely be followed up in short order by a lawsuit against them for harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and overtly discriminatory practices against patriotic Americans.

As far as we know, this is still America, and bigotry against any group – even patriots – is utterly unacceptable.


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