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by Lanny Carruthers:

Words cannot express my anger at today’s vote by Republicans.  Republicans may have won the battle, but are no closer to winning the war than they were three days ago.  This was like the first Battle of Bull Run where both Union and Confederate Armies realized the War was going to be much longer and bloodier than anticipated.  That is exactly where we are now since McConnell pulled a McConnell and blinked…imagine that!!!!

Remember my recent article titled “The Art of the Deal at Work in Real Time…Trump Time”?  Trump may just have negotiated and positioned Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sneaky Diane and the Durbin Democrats into a corner as it appeared throughout the weekend.  Poll after poll showed Americans were finally blaming the Democrats and Schumer in particular for the government shutdown.  Trump played it cool and kept a low profile over the weekend to allow Schumer the spotlight in which Schumer kept getting peppered with criticism.  For once, the mainstream media were even giving President Trump credit for how he played Sen. Schumer and the Democrats!  Finally the Republicans are finally in position to make their move on the front line of this battle and McConnell blinked! #$#@$D! (emphasis for my verbal expression).

Come Monday, President Trump set his aim on Democrats and the Senate’s 60 vote rule calling for it to be abolished.  Opposed to the fingernails on a chalkboard whine from both sides, the 60 vote rule is not a Senate tradition.  It is a scam implemented by former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  And McConnell cannot see the big picture insisting that the 60 vote rule is a tradition instead of a scam.  Like having preference for a Manhattan instead of having a glass of Kentucky Bourbon on the rocks McConnell complicated the issue Monday morning.

Sen. McConnell judged the reaction of the weekend polls and newscasts, believed Republicans had won the war and Democrats were pleading for mercy, decided to bring the continuing resolution to a vote in which it passed.  Just as I said in my previous article on this subject, the microphones on Capitol Hill still had power despite the “government shutdown”.  Following passage of the continuing resolution McConnell and Republicans nearly ran over each other trying to be the first to the microphone and TV cameras to claim victory.

Thankfully I was not sitting in front of a TV when I heard the news because I probably would have thrown something at the TV out of anger.  Instead of blinking and bringing the continuing resolution up for a vote, McConnell should have ran to the microphone and TV cameras to declare the Democrats continue to put illegal immigrants first and Americans in danger.  He should have reminded Americans that while the incoming ballistic missile alert in Hawaii may have been a false alert, next time it might not be false and be the real thing.  What would have happened in the past three days had that happened?  He should have reminded Americans that the Democrats and especially Sneaky Diane were recorded on video asking the President for a stand-alone immigration and DACA bill.

Contrary to Democrats, President Trump was on record and video agreeing with Sneaky Diane!  Now Democrats moved the goal line and demanded illegal immigrants be protected before Americans.  He should have said that Democrats are no better than terrorists holding Americans hostage to advance their own self-interests instead of protecting Americans.  Democrats continue to be obstructionist for their own self-interests that do not include Americans or America First.  He could have reminded Americans that Democrats have a voting record. Everyone knows based on the results of those records there’s no hope and there’s no future.

McConnell could have shown a backbone and went in for the kill.  McConnell could have called for a vote to end the 60 vote Senate rule once and for all.  Boom!  By doing so he could have shown the American people that the Republicans can govern and advance the interest of the American people for a change in the face of Democrat obstructionism, Democrat self-preserving bluster and favoring illegal immigrants over Americans.  But that is too simple for Sen. McConnell to comprehend.  McConnell blinked!  McConnell gave Democrats a life line and a way out of this situation.  (Pause while you beat your head against the wall with me!)  I don’t know which has more dents in it, the heads of Americans from beating them against the wall or that can from being kicked down the road!

Clink, clink, clink…that’s the sound of the can being kicked down the road once again.  Porn stars should be envious of Congress’ stamina in regard to how long they can keep kicking the can down the road.  McConnell and Establishment Republicans are closer to enacting their silent desire called a permanent DACA fix instead of advancing the America First policies of President Trump.  Sen. Lindsey Graham went so far as to telegraph that desire while sneaking into Capitol Hill dressed in disguise with his cap pulled down over the weekend.  You’d think he was trying to sneak into a show by The Lady Chablis in Savannah with that disguise.  If The Lady Chablis were still alive I’m sure she would have recognized and called him out in the audience.  President Trump should do the same!

Now all the mainstream news media get to hit reset on all their “clock counters”.  Look for the countdown to the next government shutdown to appear in the bottom corner of your TV screen in coming days.  Pending an a$$ chewing from President Trump in private or on Twitter, Sen. McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan will cave to Democrats to include a DACA fix in conjunction with another continuing resolution in the coming weeks.  McConnell won the battle, but the war continues.

McConnell and the Republicans could have been in the catbird seat going into the 2018 midterm election.  Pending a “rebuke” by President Trump and their conduct in the coming month, they may be no better than dodo birds going into the 2018 midterm elections.

Conspicuously absent in my previous article was any mention of Sen. Mitch McConnell or Rep. Paul Ryan.  This government shutdown laid bare the fact that McConnell and Ryan are not up to the job at hand.  All of last week throughout the weekend shows that President Trump can handle the Democrats if he only had any reinforcements and backup.  Trump does not have that at the moment in Congress.  Trump only has the American people behind him.  McConnell and Ryan are only worried about their own self-preservation and legacies rather than Americans.

Having given careful thought to this, I hereby call upon Sen. Mitch McConnell to resign from the Senate.  He has shown time and time again that he is not up to the challenge or just willfully obstructing President Trump and his America First Agenda.  I’ll let you render a verdict on that one.  But McConnell needs to go as bad as the Senate’s 60 vote rule.  McConnell needs to return to Kentucky and enjoy his time remaining with some smooth Kentucky Bourbon while he writes his memoir and his story.  Having been to Loretto, Kentucky and my local liquor store, I know and have witnessed firsthand that the distillery at Maker’s Mark has a fine supply.  I even got to hand dip my own bottle in the red wax at the gift shop at the distillery.

McConnell’s resignation would be a great gift to the American people right now.  Right now the clink…clink…clink I’d rather hear is that of ice dropping in a rocks glass followed by the smooth sound of Kentucky Bourbon being poured.  Not the clink…clink…clink of that can being kicked down the road and rolling along that gravel road once again.

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