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Leftist Twittering Twits reacted with gleefully upon hearing the news that President Trump, as well as VP Pence, get Infected With Coronavirus after coming into contact with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who has since tested positive for Covid19, the coronavirus.

President Trump has said he is not concerned about the meeting.

However, many leftists expressed joy, and openly prayed that President Trump could have been exposed to the virus, with several using ‘fingers crossed’ memes, clearly hoping that Trump and VP Mike Pence becomes ill and dies.

Because as some noted that would make Nancy Pelosi the President of the United States.

This is the revolting level that many Trump Deranged Democrats have sunk to.

Of course, Twitter won’t have any problem with these tweets, but God forbid you tweet “Learn to code,” then you’re one dead twitter bird.

The Left Is Ecstatic Over The Thought of Trump Getting Infected With Coronavirus

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