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Only a complete fool would want to be on the wrong side of a group of nuns called, the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Somehow former President Obama got on the wrong side of the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ with Obamacare. Okay, strictly my opinion, but he is a fool, so, that’s how it happened.

President Trump, however, is a smart man. He knew to help the predicament that the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ were in. They face a lawsuit for stating they could not pay about seventy million dollars in fines a year.

Even the Supreme Court threw the case back to the lower courts. What court would want to rule against ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’? What judge would want that associated with his or her name?

The new ‘Executive Order’ on Supreme Court is a good start but Trump also promised the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ that an end to their problems was coming.

I trust that President Trump is a man of his word and would never lie to the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’. It would be difficult to believe anyone would actually lie to them.

Here is a video to show what occurred.


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