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by Ruth Riddle:

Charles Krauthammer first coined the term, Bush Derangement Syndrome, in 2003. The Democrats were stunned by the Supreme Court decision that propelled Bush into the Presidency. They became deranged. Even 9/11 could not stop the rage. Yet it pales, in comparison to TDS.

With President Trump, derangement has persisted for almost three years among the Mainstream Media and the Democrats. The derangement began when Donald Trump announced in 2015 his presidential campaign. At that time, the Liberal Left made derisive jokes about Trump. As of February 2018, TDS persists, but there is no humor. It is visceral. It is uncontrollable. It is all consuming. It is abnormal. It is a sickness.

The MSM and Dems have been propelled backward into childhood. Remember the temper tantrums of a two-year-old? This is the essence of TDS. The two-year-old cries and screams and kicks his feet. He does not care if his temper tantrum ruins dinner. He only knows he wanted something, but was denied.

Similarly, the MSM and Dems do not care if they ruin America. The only difference between them and the two-year-old is: The “Terrible Twos” end. TDS shows no signs of abating. President Trump’s “yes” is the left’s “no.”

Viewers witnessed TDS during the State of the Union address on January 30, 2018. The Dems refused to show support for people and causes with which they agreed. The patriotism of a young boy placing flags on veterans’ graves – nothing but frowns. The humanity of a young couple adopting a baby of an addict – nothing but frowns. The bravery of a North Korean amputee, risking his life to escape oppression – nothing but frowns. And on it went. If the president said it, then “it” was not worthy. The rage of the Dems was palpable. Their faces were as contorted as a child in the throes of a temper tantrum.

Most people have heard the analogy: If President Trump cured cancer, the Dems would undermine the achievement by saying he had taken work away from doctors. From the Dems’ perspective, their rage is their survival. If they acknowledge any of the president’s achievements, they risk losing to the Republicans in the mid-term elections.

The damage they are willing to do to America with their resistance is astonishing. As Eric Trump has often said, “I really believe that they [the Dems] would rather see this country fail than see him [President Trump] succeed.”

However, President Trump has succeeded, despite the Dems’ rage and obstruction. Just as parents know a screaming child can be silenced, so, too, does President Trump know he can quell the Dems’ rage. Parents finally splash a glass of cold water in their child’s face. The mouth closes, as the child confronts reality.

President Trump will use the gushing fountain of truth to silence the Dems. The FISA memo released on February 2, was only one more example of the deluge of information that will drown the MSM and Dems, unless they stop swimming against the current.

Time for them to stop throwing temper tantrums and help Trump MAGA.

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