Trump Declassifies Intelligence And Makes An Absolutely SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT!

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The Trump administration has reportedly declassified intelligence that accuses China of offering to pay actors in Afghanistan to attack American soldiers.

Two senior Trump administration officials told Axios that the intelligence was included in the president’s briefing on December 17.

President Donald Trump was also briefed on the information by National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.

But it’s unclear if any other members of Congress or President-elect Joe Biden have been briefed on the matter, but Biden does have access to the President’s Daily Brief.

According to Axios, Trump is not believed to have discussed the matter with China President Xi Jinping.

If these claims are accurate, it would escalate tensions even more between the US and China.

However, unlike what happened with Russia the past 4-years, if they’re untrue, questions will be raised about the motivations of the source.

Axios reported that last month President Trump was drawing up plans for a last-minute crackdown on China during the final weeks of his presidency.

Some of those restrictions included plans to sanction or restrict trade with more Chinese companies, government entities and officials for alleged complicity in human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, or threatening US national security.

Joe Biden Went Wild When It Was Russia…Guaranteed He Never Mentions It Now That It’s China

The new accusations against China come just months after the New York Times erroneously reported that a Russian military intelligence unit secretly paid bounties to Taliban-linked fighters to kill US and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

CNN claimed that their anonymous sources “CLAIMED” President Trump was briefed on the activity months before it was the New York Times report was published in June, but he took no action.

Because, you know, ‘Agent of Russia,’ ‘Putin’s puppet,’ and whatever else the Delusional Dems were spewing at that moment.

In truth, the IC, the DoD, and every other intelligence agency gave testimony that President Trump was never briefed on this report due to its unreliable sourcing.

US national security adviser Robert O’Brien has said a CIA official tasked with briefing the president decided not to tell him about reports that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers because it was “unverified intelligence”.

Of course, like Charlottesville, no amount of evidence could ever hope to stop Joe Biden and the Trump-Hating media from regurgitating the lie ad nauseam.

You’re Up Joe

The intelligence report that President Trump declassified most likely is based on similar thinly veiled sources, as the New York Times ‘Russian Bounty’ idiocy.

But while Twitter’s liberal social media mob were busily breaking fingers as they pounded ‘RUSSIA…RUSSIA…RUSSIA’ on their keyboards.

It’s almost guaranteed this story, which the only difference seems to be swapping out Russia for China, will never see the light of day on Twitter’s trending list.

Of course, mainstream media will now reason that they can’t report on this story until the intelligence community reports that the sources had been vetted, and/or the source material is confirmed by an independent organization.

Which hilariously, they themselves are, or until 2016 they were.

But the most important fact that comes out of this report, is that sooner, rather than later, the Democrats gaslighting always comes back to bite them on their delusional arse.

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