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I’ll admit I love Trey Gowdy, so much so, that I was advocating for President Trump to appoint Gowdy to replace the utterly useless Jeff Sessions from the moment the impotent little dwarf recused himself from the Democrats Russian collusion delusion.

But last Friday Florida Rep. Gaetz (also a favorite of mine) singled out the former South Carolina Representative for what he called a “failure of our Republican leadership.”

Gaetz ripped Gowdy for his 2018 backing that the F.B.I. behaved appropriately in its early investigations of the Democrats’ attempted coup of President Trump.

I admit, having lived in South Carolina and having voted for Trey Gowdy, I was reluctant to report on the story, due in large part to my biased opinion.

Knowing what we know now, I found myself agreeing with Gaetz in not understanding how or why Trey Gowdy would have openly back the disgraced former FBI director James Comey’s wretched Trump-Hating cabal?

But I did not believe I could honestly report on the story, fearing I would only see facts that supported my feelings for my former congressman.

Instead, I chose to just link to other Conservative sites and wait until Trey Gowdy had the opportunity to present his side of the story.


Like Gaetz, Tucker Carlson Calls Out Trey Gowdy

Last night, I received my answer on why Trey Gowdy backed the FBI and allowed the Democrats to move forward with their Russia…Russia…Russia idiocy.

After Tucker Carlson called out Trey Gowdy, Gowdy didn’t shy away from giving a clear explanation for his actions, or lack thereof.

Nor did Gowdy give a Democrat-like word salad explanation, or offer up one of their infamous ‘sorry, not sorry’ apologies.

Instead, Gowdy stated he was wrong about backing the FBI. 

He told Tucker that his opinion was based on believing what the FBI presented during their intelligence briefings was factual.

Gowdy admitted that weeks later he sought out the original documents and found they differed greatly from what the FBI was verbally telling them during their classified briefings.


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