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Despite MSNBC’s mental midget Joe Scarborough for the past four-years denouncing President Donald Trump and the Republican party, which he was once proud to be a part of, as evil, callous, racist white supremacists.

But after Scarborough witnessed how the Democrats being led by the likes of AOC and her squad of simpleminded socialist get absolutely repudiated in the 2020 election.

Good ole hypocrite RINO Joe Scarborough is now preaching exactly what President Trump had been saying over the past four-years… America Rejects The Democrats Push Toward Socialism.

Joe Scarborough scolded Kasie Hunt that America had ‘Absolutely repudiated’ the Democrat party as a brand.

Scarborough told Hunt, as evidenced by the Republican’s state-legislature wins across the country, America resoundingly rejected the Democrats push toward socialism and the radical lefts ‘Defund the Police’ idiocy.

EXCEPT…This Isn’t What Democrat Stooge Joe Scarborough Thought ‘Defund The Police’ Meant In June

Just months ago, despite the Minneapolis city council voting in favor of abolishing the city’s Police Department, and NYC’s moronic Mayor Bill DeBlasio slashing the NYPD’s budget by one-billion dollars.

Joe Scarborough not only didn’t denounce the Democrats “Defund The Police’ movement, but he also did his best to excuse it away as a non-issue.

Like the dimwitted Democrat stooge he is, Joe Scarborough set up his interview with Rev. Al Sharpton by claiming that America shouldn’t believe what their eyes see, and what their ears hear.

As Scarborough tried to claim that the Democrats “Defund The Police” wasn’t what it sounded like.

“Defund The Police” was simply code for ‘Reforming” how the Police operate moving forward.

You can expect many more of these hypocrite ‘Never-Trump’ 180s if the Democrats ‘Steal The Election’ coup succeeds in putting Joe Biden in the White House.

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