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by A.M. Kinross:

With all the news out there that stirs so many negative emotions, I hope this story stirs some positive and touching emotions to help balance out this crazy world. This week I had the chance to meet some extraordinary people and I knew right off that I needed to share this story.  I was at the Disney Marathon cheering on a group of runners who were running for a cause.

A young woman who had a dream to some day put an end to childhood cancer had an amazing turnout of supporters who wanted the same thing.

Kellsie Marchbanks of Illinois first battled Osteosarcoma, (a form of cancer that starts in the bones) at age 15, and then once again when she was 20 years old. By then she was a happily engaged nursing student with a beautiful life ahead of her.

The second time the cancer turned up in her lung and the treatment was to remove the cancerous section of the lung.  Beating cancer for a second time, she continued the pursuit of her nursing dreams and her upcoming Disney wedding that was scheduled for the following year, but cancer returned for a third time only several months later, and in that moment her focus expanded on all the things that she wanted to do to help other children like herself going through this journey.

She spent time talking to her Oncologist about giving money to him for his research, and she reflected on what she was given by other organizations, and she wanted to figure out how she could give back. Sadly there would be no wedding, and there would be no college graduation from her nursing school, but those dreams continued to give her strength throughout her last battle.

Kellsie’s mother, Gail Marchbanks said, “In her last week here on earth is when she talked to me about starting a foundation to help Children with Cancer.  I truly believe that those words were put into place so that I would have something to focus on when she was gone.  She knew I would do anything for her.  After a couple of years passed is when we moved our focus on to kids that have relapsed from their cancer, seeing that there was a great need for that.”

Kellsie lost her battle to cancer on June 8, 2011, but a promise was made and kept by a remarkable woman who continues to raise money for Children who are also battling this disease, so they can have a wish come true, and so that research for childhood cancers would be funded, as well as nursing scholarships in honor of Kellsie.

Today The Kellsie’s Hope Foundation has helped to raise over $391,000.00 for Childhood Cancer Research, and over the past six years Kellsie’s Hope have funded over fifty children and their families to have a wish of a lifetime granted.  Where so many would struggle to find a way to get up and move forward from such a tragedy, Kellsie’s family and friends have continued to instead help others and lift them up, and give hope.  They raise money through several ways: Marathons, Cook offs, Tree of Hope (auctioning beautiful fully decorated Christmas Trees), and Luncheons.  Their fundraising focus includes: Sock it to Cancer, States of Hope, and the Disney Runs which are three fundraisers that are nationwide.

Sometimes it’s easy to get down about yourself and think that you can’t make a difference in what’s going on in your life or in the world, and then someone like Kellsie and her family come along to show you just how much one person can change so much for so many others.  Their motto is “There’s No Place Like Hope” and they would certainly know.  Please check out their website, and like them on Facebook. Help make a difference and support Childhood Cancer Awareness, and if you know a family who could use some hope, be sure to tell them about Kellsie’s.





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    • Thank you Daveda. Her family and friends are amazing people who change lives. I was so honored to meet them. Gail is unstoppable and filled with so much compassion to help others. Thank you for your comment! <3

  1. Why not research all the NATURAL CURES for Cancer. There are a lot of them some being OUTLAWED by big synthetic drug companies making BILLIONS on the backs of Citizens.

    • Thank you for your comment Tom. I’m always so interested to see what people take away from the articles that I write. I feel that Kellsie‘s Hope Foundation does so many amazing things to raise awareness for children’s cancer, as well as grant wishes for children who are dying, as well as giving scholarships away for nursing programs, but with all that being said perhaps you’re right. Perhaps we do need a foundation that researches natural cures for cancer, and I can’t think of a more suitable person to start a foundation than someone like you who is clearly so passionate about it. I tell you what, when you get your foundation up and running to find natural cures for cancer I will be so honored to write an article about it and talk with you more about that. Thank you again for your comment. Have a great day Tom.

  2. This is a wonderful report about Kellsie’s Hope Foundation. Accurate and on the mark. To know Kellsie was to love her. But the absolutely amazing contribution Kellsie made to the world was creating a foundation to help other kids with cancer. Think about it. She never stopped wanting to help others until she was gone and then her dream exploded. Thank you for helping to make even more people aware of this. Kellsie was a beautiful soul and a delight to be around. I’m privileged to have been her Grandmother.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so sorry for your loss. She must have been a beautiful light in this sometimes dark world to still be shining brightly through so many hearts today. I can’t imagine that kind of loss Ms Boerm. Her lagacy is something that not only keeps her spirit close, but is something to be so proud of. It’s an honor to have met your family. I’m a huge fan of the Foundation

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