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By Linda L Barton

Wow, what a wild ride this last year has been since President Trump took the helm and began fulfilling his promise to Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again. I thought since we were about to say goodbye to 2017, it might be fun to take a look back to everything President Trump has achieved.

First, and most importantly, President Trump rallied a sleeping nation to prevent Hillary Clinton from obtaining the Presidency.  After months of polls forecasting a Clinton landslide, election night had a much different outcome.  President Trump proved that one doesn’t need a billion dollars and the media in your hip pocket to win the White House.  No, in fact, he did it with a fraction of the money spent by the Clinton machine and with a hostile media, who willingly walked in lockstep with the Clinton Campaign and the Progressives on the left. I remember the night of the election and the faces of the liberal pundits transform from one of excitement for a Clinton Presidency to one of shock and disbelief.  I remember the grand Glass Ceiling not getting broken, and how Hillary Clinton couldn’t even manage to come out and speak with her supporters that night.  Yes, that indeed was the beginning of those on the left losing their collective minds.

Let go over some of the predictions of doom made by the Progressive Left and, of course, the NeverTrumpers.

The Stock Market will collapse

  • When President Trump gave his acceptance speech the night of the election, we were told by those on the Left the stock market was sure to collapse. However, on the morning of November 9th, their threats of doom had never transpired.  In fact, the Dow soared 257 points and brushed up against lifetime highs.  The S&P moved up 500 points, and the Nasdaq rose 1.1%. But the good news didn’t stop there.  Over the year, the Dow has steadily climbed until experts are saying it could be at 25,000 before long.  So much for all the doom and gloom.

President Trump will never be able to convince companies to return to the US

  • That claim has been entirely blown out of the water. President Trump has negotiated deals with companies to bring their manufacturing operations back to the US, thus opening new jobs for those tossed out of the workforce by past administrations and their horrible deals.  It’s quite exciting to see reports of the many companies again setting up shop right here in the USA.  It’s also exciting to watch the jobs numbers continue to go in the positive and out of the negative numbers.

World Leaders will NEVER agree to meet and work with President Trump

  • This is one I find to be amazing. Over the last eight years of an Obama Presidency, we had to watch as our President traveled the world apologizing for imagined past evil deeds done by our country.  I don’t remember a single time when Obama stood up against those who would like to see our demise.  In fact, he seemed to agree with them.  He would bow to our enemies, and act as though he was ashamed of this great country and its people.  It’s quite different with President Trump.  We are now respected and yes, feared around the world.  He doesn’t bow to other world leaders and act like a child when representing the US.  No, President Trump stands tall, looks them directly in the eye, and NEVER apologizes for the US.  He has shown the world we will no longer be their whipping post.  He has also sent the world a clear message the US will no longer be their personal ATM.  President Trump has proven what a TRUE leader does when meeting with other leaders.  Like he has repeatedly said, “It is the responsibly of a Leader to put their country first.”  He understands when other leaders consider what is best for their own people, and he said he only wants to do the same for the Americans who elected him.  President Trump has proven himself to be a strong leader and ready to represent us around the world.

President Trump doesn’t really care about the American People

  • This one makes me laugh every time I hear a Progressive/Leftist say this. President Trump left his comfortable life to face the hate spewed at him on a daily basis.  The endless attacks on him and this family are beyond belief.  The death threats against him and members of his family, and the countless horrible articles put out by those who wish the destruction of his Presidency are truly mind-numbing.  The multiple charges they throw against him are unbelievable.  I also find it amazing how he was once loved by those now proclaiming their hate.  He was never called a racist or a misogynist until he ran as a Republican against the Clinton/Liberal machine.  I cannot imagine how he must have felt when people he had considered friends for YEARS began coming out with all the hate filled comments regularly tossed at him.  However, President Trump hasn’t let all that dissuade him.  He just puts a smile on his face and allows them to have their little temper fits.

What does President Trump mean by Drain the Swamp?

  • This one is playing out every day right before our eyes. With politicians leaving office under suspicion of wrong-doing or choosing not to run again, to those known as The Deep State in leadership roles in the FBI, IRS, and other alphabet organizations being exposed for unbelievable corruption, The Trump Effect is well into gear and Draining the Swamp known as Washington DC.

As we come to the end of a complete year with President Trump at the helm, there are many exciting things we, as a people are reclaiming:

  • We were once again given our voice as Patriots. For far too many years, we were told to sit and be quiet. We were told our beliefs in the Constitution and Freedom were a thing of the past.  Those on the Left did their best to shame us into silence, but all that changed with President Trump.  We now have a leader who doesn’t care about being Politically Correct.  He has shown those on the left that Freedom of Speech is for ALL Americans and how we will NO LONGER be silent.  With President Trump, we will stand as a united front against the Progressive Agenda, and even after President Trump returns to his private life, we will continue to carry the Torch of Freedom and Truth onward.
  • We will NO LONGER be held hostage to the Leftist/Progressive Agenda. We will no longer allow the Educational System to indoctrinate our children.  Parents across this country are pushing back as schools try to force Islam on students by making them learn the Five Pillars of Islam and pray to Allah while forcing our daughters to wear the Islamic Hajib.
  • We will proudly exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. We believe there should be more good guys with guns than bad guys.
  • We will continue to proudly support those serving in the Military and Law Enforcement. We believe they have been kicked in the teeth by the Obama Administration and those on the left for far too long.
  • We still believe in SMALL government and states’ rights. We believe the Federal Government has overstepped its bounds by using the Judicial System to force the Progressive Agenda onto the American People.  We also do not believe the Government should choose winners and losers when it comes to business.  We believe the government should keep its nose out of private business and stop making it difficult to run a business with over-bearing regulations, stifling mandates, and over-taxation.
  • We will continue to fight for the RIGHT TO LIFE. We believe each child is a gift from God and is NOT to be aborted merely for convenience sake.
  • We will continue to proclaim our belief in Immigration, BUT it must be Legal Immigration. We want the Wall, and we want those who come to our country and abuse the system SENT BACK to their country of origin.  This country was once known as the Great Melting Pot.  People came here to become Americans, not live in sheltered groups.  We also do not believe just anyone should be able to claim refugee status.  You must be thoroughly vetted before being allowed to come to our country. We also believe anyone coming to our country must be an asset, not a burden.  They must support themselves financially and live according to the Laws of THIS land.
  • We proudly believe in Freedom of Religion and Patriotism. We understand what was meant in the Constitution when it speaks of Freedom of Religion.  It does not mean those in government are not allowed to serve according to their Christian beliefs, as so many of those on the Left proclaim.  It also does not mean having a cross on public land is in violation of the Constitution.  Freedom of Religion means the Government must not and cannot force a Government run church on its citizens, pure and simple.  Another important thing is we believe in saluting the American Flag, as well as honoring the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.
  • We firmly believe in Equal Justice under the Law. NO group should be given special treatment merely because they scream the loudest.  Skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or religion does not make one entitled to special treatment under the law.  We believe real Justice is blind.  One is INNOCENT until proven guilty, and NO ONE should face conviction in the court of public opinion.

With the end of a full year with President Trump serving in the White House, I would like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous New Year.  So, decorate your CHRISTMAS tree, do your CHRISTMAS shopping, and enjoy your CHRISTMAS celebration with those you love.  We have exciting days ahead, my Patriot Friends, and with God’s blessings on this great land, we will continue to…


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