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Historical Bonds History

I call this the hysterical bond history and I have not changed the text, but I have added comments and highlighted.  I give this to you today because so many are in need of a better income and many will lose money by throwing it away on trash like this.  Note:  my comments are bold and italic.


At least in terms of U.S. History and certainly in the history of the world — gold has been the ultimate standard of exchange.

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When the United States became embroiled in the War of 1812 with Great Britain the costs of that war — including the rebuilding of the White House (which was destroyed by the British) far exceeded the nation’s financial coffers.

**What caused the War of 1812? Take it back to the reason for the Revolution, the war in Europe the USA refrained from and the reasons, the cost to American Shipping by Great Britain and the devastation to the New England States because of Great Britain and of course the refusal of Thomas Jefferson to renew the BUS! (What was the BUS and how did it come into existence?)
**Who reissued the initial Bank Charter to the Rothschild’s and why?

When James Monroe was President of the United States, he sought financial assistance from the Imperial Government of Russia.

**Rothschild offered to guarantee the loan from Russia, and in 1822, a series of bonds denominated respectively in 720 Gold Rubles and 960 Gold Rubles (and even some that were denominated in 3360 and 6750 Gold Rubles were issued to assist the United States in paying their war debts.

** (The Russians hated the Rothschild’s and their fiat currency system of theft!)
**(Why would the Rothschild’s offer to back the Russian Ruples? – Gold vs. Fiat?)

Much of that debt still exists today, though it is not recorded on the U.S. balance sheets. As a matter of policy — corrupt as it was — succeeding administrations (and this has been a global practice — not limited to U.S. Administrations) simply wrote their debt off, pretending that it didn’t exist, even though the bond issue was backed by gold, and more than enough to pay off the investors.

**The BUS and the 2nd BUS were unconstitutional! Why?
**Andrew Jackson fired the Bankers in 1832 and legally paid off the US Debt on January 8, 1835. Thus, how could the US have a National Debt?

Investors who tried to redeem their bonds were told that the bonds were invalid, and sometimes even stamped the word, “Canceled”, across them despite the fact that they WERE NOT canceled. As a result, literally millions of these bonds have been in a state of suspension even though they are still valid.

When the Civil War broke out, the costs of fighting that war again far exceeded the monies in our coffers, and what gold we had on hand as a nation wasn’t even going to come close to settling the costs incurred.

The rebuilding of a war-torn nation was going to take years and multiplied millions of dollars, so the President (Andrew Johnson) appealed to the Mexican government for assistance.

Mexico stepped up to the plate and issued a series of gold-backed bonds, once again assisted by the Rothschild family.

**Again the Rothschild’s stepped up to back Gold Backed Bonds; Why?
**Back gold with what?

The borrowing continued up to the late 1890’s and during the terms of Grover Cleveland and William McKinley, both the Rothschild family and J. P. Morgan gave gold-backed guarantees for bonds that were issued.

This is a debt the U.S. has NEVER repaid, and with the accumulated interest of 150+ years, the debt now owed to Mexico alone by the U.S. amounts to more than $87 Trillion. The total U.S. debt actually exceeds $1.9 Quadrillion.

**When a nation who caused a war and loses that war, who owes the debt? The aggressor?  When you get robbed or your car stolen, who owes who?  Do you owe the criminal?  This is what history tells us.  GB created the wars and we had to pay for their misgivings!

The United States, of course, was not the only nation gaining financial assistance from other countries through gold-backed bond issues.

The then-Imperial Governments of China, Russia, Poland, Germany (and a myriad of others) issued gold loan bonds, often for their own purposes, but also to assist each other.

It should be noted, in case this isn’t clear, that the issued bonds were what we know as “bearer bonds” and sold to the general public.

While a small portion of these bonds, issued during the past 200 or so years, have been redeemed, there are still well over $1 Quadrillion outstanding that have never been redeemed and have become collectors’ items to be traded among collectors much like stamps have been collected and traded.

We have been able to acquire bonds dating as far back as 1822. By way of explanation, there is a “Book of Redemption” (and that is its official title) with a listing of every single historic gold bond ever issued. That book is in the hands of the Chinese Elders, who have been accumulating gold for centuries and millennia. These elders claim descent from King Solomon through the Queen of Sheba.

– – – – – – – – – –


Historical bonds are those bonds that were once valid obligations of American entities but are now worthless as securities, are quickly becoming a favorite tool of scam artists. Here are several things that you should know about them:

Types of Historical Bonds Used for Fraud

Although all sorts of historical bonds are collected and traded, historical railroad bonds comprise most of the bonds used to perpetrate fraud. Historical railroad bonds commonly used by scam artists include those issued by the Chicago, Saginaw, and Canada Railroad Co., the East Alabama and Cincinnati Railroad Co., the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad Co., the Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad Co. and the Richmond, and York River Railroad Co. These railroad bonds are but a few of the 12,000 to 15,000 varieties of historical railroad bonds that are known to exist. Non-railroad historical bonds commonly used by scam artists include bonds issued by the Noonday Mining Co.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

**Note: When it comes to the history or banking and bankers it becomes an issue of research and who and what do you trust. We understand a Gold or Asset backed monetary system using paper is a valid as it is backed by Gold and is referred to as “money”. We also understand that Fiat Currency of and from the Bankers is a debt bill issued that is called “currency”. We also understand that money pays off debt while currency produces debt!

From what I have read in this correspondence, I would say that anything backed by the Rothschilds (if it were so), would have no value as it would be based upon debt and the only value would be from dealing with the issuing country, if it were backed by Gold.

My gut feeling is, leave it alone!

Before I move on to what is available in bonds, and the processes involved in the redemption, allow me to note that the Imperial Government of China provided assistance to the U.S. in paying our accumulated costs for WWI and WWII. Once again, there were gold-backed bearer bonds issued by the Chinese on behalf of the United States bearing the imprint of the United States Government and issued as Liberty Bonds, Victory Bonds, Reconstruction Bonds, etc., etc.

Several years ago, the Chinese Elders (or at least one of the 13 families of Elders) set about to begin redeeming some $1.4 Quadrillion (in face value) of historic gold bonds for the purpose of correcting the economic chaos globally and putting nations back on their feet financially by assisting them in paying off ancient debts that have kept them in virtual economic servitude. The fact that it is working is evidenced in the news reports we’ve heard on FOX and CNBC of the U.S. paying off a substantial chunk of its WWI debt, England paying off debts owed from the 19th Century, etc. This is a process expected to last over a period of several more years. In the meantime, we are in the early stages of this investment before it becomes too widely known.

For many years, these historic bonds (the overwhelming majority of which have never been redeemed) have been traded among collectors like collectible postage stamps with prices ranging from the low hundreds of dollars to as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars each. None of the brokers or collectors I know have any realization that these bonds have redeemable value, and it is for that reason that we are moving as swiftly as possible to acquire what we can before prices go out of sight — and they have climbed substantially since we started this process because of increasing demand.

By owning a bond in addition to your currency you receive a total of $500,000 in healing funds instead of just the currency $250,000. When you want one I can send a PayPal request to your email and you may pay with a debit or credit card. The return on bonds is substantially higher than currency.

This narrative was prepared by one of the faithful.

We have an assortment of lesser bonds available that cut across the financial spectrum, and that list follows this narrative.

125.00 Russian Rouble $250 Approximate Yield 100M

50,000 Yuan Chinese $500 Approximate Yield 500M

100,000 Yuan Chinese $1000 Approximate Yield 1B

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A little history:

The Revolution the united colonies were being pushed into as the united states (lower case because of the independence of each state who joined the union for the protection of all, was caused by the Rothschild’s and a study of banking history shows that all wars are caused by bankers because of profits.

The fact the Rothschild’s were the most powerful banking institution and residing in London, provides the power of bankers over kings and countries. Napoleon Bonaparte understood this as he stated, “The hand that gives is above the hand that receives!”

Thus, the Rothschild’s and the influence on the King of England provided the reasons for the war between the united states and Great Britain. Unfair taxation and of course banking policies where the Rothschild’s provided fiat currency to the colonies and demanded gold in return as payment.

Great Britain lost the war and thus, Great Britain forfeited any claim to reimbursement for their loses and became a debtor nation to the united states for the devastation caused to this new nation.

Alexander Hamilton issued the first Bank Charter to the Rothschild’s because of the economic crises the united states found its self in because of the Revolution. This is like jumping back into bed with the devil. (We just could not get enough pain!)

Once again, stuck with a debtor monetary system the united states struggled to maintain and build a new nation of nations. However, the war in Europe claimed a large percentage of our profits because Great Britain was stealing our shipping and sailors because we would not join them in their efforts to bring an end to and a victory over their foes in Europe. The French were also affronted by the fact they helped us in our quest over Great Britain, but we did not help them with the war efforts they were engaged in.

The crisis and loss of shipping to Europe caused our New England States to fail into a deep depression economically, but we were still accursed with the use of the Rothschild’s fiat currency, placing us deeper and deeper into debt with England.

Thomas Jefferson, who was (to say the least) not happy with Hamilton’s throwing us under the BUS so to speak, refused to sign the renewal of the Charter when it became due and once again, the Rothschild’s were there to have the King of England declare war on the united states for dumping the BUS.

Our nation’s capital was burned to the ground and we suffered another war over the bankers demand to control the world with their fiat currency policies of milking all nations who would succumb to their banking policies.

President James Madison gave the Rothschild’s another 20 years on a new Charter because of the extreme economic situation of our fledgling nation.

Again, we jumped back into bed with the devil and guess who fans the blankets?

President Andrew Jackson fired the bankers and dumped the 2nd BUS (Bank of the United States) (note the capital letter-meaning corporation). This was 1832. On January 8, 1835 President Jackson paid off the national debt for the first and only time in the history of the united states (note the lower case letters meaning independent nations / republics/ states) all joined together as a union of nations for the protection of all.

How much of this scam can be backed by some of history?  Just understand that history has been rewritten by criminals and it does take a little common sense to jump the hurdles positioned over the mud pits.

Without following up on the historical material that followed the struggles of this Grand Constitutional Republic of Republics, I would say, do not waste your money on this investment (?) offer as I do believe it to be a scam and what appears to be a great opportunity may just drain your bank account and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, like coming off a three day drunk. (Not, that I can relate to other than by hear say but, you get the picture!)

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