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Current events in America can be likened to an intruder breaking into your home and destroying every possession that has emotional significance to you. Everything is gone: every picture, every letter, every symbolic reminder that you came from somewhere, have a path to somewhere, and are a part of something. That you exist, and that that is good.

Then, for good measure, on the way out, the intruder whacks you on the head so hard you lose the memory of everyone you love. And they’ve forgotten you, too, because you are no longer recognizable to them. You have lost your essence. There is no memory coming or going. All connections have been lost.

Finally, while you’re in the hospital, in a final act of crazed vengeance, he torches the place.

You are unmoored, without a home. Without a past.

This is where Americans find themselves, a few weeks after a universally-condemned instance of police brutality had everyone – for a second – on the same side. The second after that, radical Marxist and anarchist groups, including ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter – with the full-throated blessing of the Trump – hating Deep State – saw an opportunity. They always do. They’d try one more thing to overthrow an election, one more thing to resist a legitimately installed American government.

They’d destroy every artifact that connects us to the past, everything that reminds us who we are.

They would destroy memory.

All of it.

Then they’d burn the damn thing down.

They know that if one ceases to remember, he can have no allegiances.

If one ceases to remember, he can have no gratitude, or sense of obligation.

He cannot understand virtue, or why it should be pursued-evil, why it should be rebuffed.

He cannot love.

He becomes a tool of soulless radicals whose malignant captain, Lucifer, knows only hatred: of self, of family, of country, of God.

It is a sick irony that many of these criminals are currently collecting more in unemployment pay from U.S. taxpayers than many Americans make for actual work. We are literally paying them to destroy the country.

Many thinking conservatives warned that the removal of Confederate statues had nothing to do with “righting the wrongs of the past.” (Modern social agitators are not nearly that high-minded.) They warned that it was a pretext, merely the first move in the erasure of American memory. Neocons scoffed, virtue-signaled, and went along. Today, they’re dazed and confused, while monuments to Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and Teddy Roosevelt are either destroyed or threatened.

Our enemies are laughing at our stupidity.

In the Marxist model, the erasure of memory extends to any product, piece of art, or personality that doesn’t meet the super-woke standard of modern acceptability. John Wayne Airport, the namesake of a man who, for fifty years, inspired Americans to courage, patriotism, and virtue, may be renamed. He’s an American icon. He was the Duke. Now, he’s no longer worthy of an airport.

Gone With the Wind, a national treasure throughout the country since 1939, has also been attacked. True lovers of this novel and film understand that, at its heart, it is apolitical, a fictional rendering of a true American tragedy laid bare. It sears the heart with pride, pain, regret, and love. Actress Hattie McDaniel won the first Academy Award ever bestowed on a Black person for her portrayal of Mammy, a loyal but fiercely independent character. True lovers of the film know that Mammy’s character transcended history, place, and time. She taught us all. I still cannot watch her performance without weeping. But she, too, is no longer worthy of remembering.

The list of classics in art, film and literature being wiped clean from American memory is too long to enumerate. Get your classics while you still can. And bequeath them in air-tight boxes to your descendants.

A country is like a father. He may be a wonderful father. He may be a flawed father, a difficult father, or an incomprehensible one. But his children cannot understand their lives without him. They cannot come to full maturity without coming to a peace about him, peace with the past. They must learn that he is not perfect, but they are his, and he is theirs. And that that is good.

Radical leftists will never make their peace with the past. They are desperate malcontents whose life’s purpose is to destroy happiness and contentment wherever they find it. They seek to eradicate history and sever the chords of memory. They wish to make us less than human.

But it is not as bleak as it appears. Elections still have power, and we still have elections.

If you have to walk on hot coals or crawl through broken glass, vote on November 3rd for Republicans only.

Outside of Trump, you will stumble across some Republicans who never saw an act of cowardice they couldn’t enjoy, but they are the team we have. Think of it as giving President Trump his offensive line. Without them, he cannot make one pass. He must have cover. He cannot do it alone.

He needs us to do this for him.

Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka once said of legendary running back Walter Payton, “He’s the finest football player I’ve ever seen, and the finest human being.” Payton died young, after a lifetime of service to his country and to his community. He blazed a trail of guts, glory, and honor – and earned the enduring affection of a nation. He died a patriot.

It is Payton’s memory, and thousands more like his, that call us back to our shared American brotherhood. It can inspire us now, and fortify us.

We are winners. We can still win.

We are not divided.

We are Americans.


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