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As we move toward the possible reelection of our 45th President, it’s also time to seriously consider what comes next…. Eventually, hopefully in 2025, Donald Trump will leave office as a two term President….At that point his base will have to decide its next move….Will it fade away as traditional conservatives retake control of the GOP or will it insist that the Grand Old Party adopt the Trump Agenda as its platform?

It is my belief that regardless of the outcome of this election, the America First Base will want to remain intact. lt will continue to support the upgrading of the U.S. Military, disengagement from foreign conflicts, and thereafter staying free Of foreign entanglements. That support will extend to an emphasis on National Sovereignty over Globalism in which we put America First as we continue to contribute financially while insisting our allies pay their fair share. The days of America being the world’s policeman should come to an end.

A smaller and less intrusive government will also be supported. Defend Us… Tax Us Fairly…and Leave US Alone… Our borders must continue to be secured to stop illegal immigration and a merit based immigration policy should be implemented. Birthright Citizenship should only be granted if at least 1 parent is a U.S. Citizen. Just being born on U.S. soil should not lead to automatic citizenship.

Free Trade at America’s expense is not Fair trade. Tariffs as a leveler are not a bad thing. As much as possible building in America and buying American should be the goal. Likewise, our new found energy independence should be maintained.

What should happen if the Republican Party decides to turn its back on the America First Agenda once President Trump leaves office? ln my opinion there is only one answer- An America First Party will have to be setup. Major political realignment is rare, but under the above scenario, that time may soon be upon us. President Trump is a cult of personality, unique to himself. Without him to drive his agenda, a new political party may be the only way to ensure that We The People can keep it going.

In closing, I thank you for your consideration and ask you to continue your support for our President. He will need Every vote to win reelection. Do not be complacent! Help make sure we Keep America Great! Vote for President Trump on November 3rd and encourage all your family and friends to do so as well.

Written By:Tony Di Nobile

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