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by Cherylynn Costner:

There have been lots of questions about schools adding propaganda to the curriculum of teaching children in public elementary schools.  What about what the school boards are eliminating in the teachings.  What about truth in government and that the government represent us, not private corporate interests?  What has changed to make things go so far left?

How about legal propaganda?

Could that be why the Clinton Machine can make up anything and force it down our throats so successfully?

Even, threaten to arrest us if we do not agree with outrageous, politically motivated, fabricated facts presented as true, when they know it in factual incorrect.

Organized to the point that classified ads are put out for “Crowds for Hire”!






Think about the Lorrita Lynch testimony before Congress, she could not even admit it was illegal to drive 65 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Have we been played all along and then when they get caught for lying bring up Obama legalizing of lieing to the public?  Why would he have reversed the Smith-Mundt Act if he did not intend to use it to spread fake news?

On December 29, 2012, President Barack Obama signed HR 4310, The National Defense Authorization Act.

Section 1078 of the bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had previously been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed.

[propaganda] banned since 1948

But do you recall Operation Mockingbird?

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

In February 1976, Director George H. W. Bush announced an even more restrictive policy: “effective immediately, CIA will not enter into any paid or contractual relationship with any full-time or part-time news correspondent accredited by any U.S. news service, newspaper, periodical, radio or television network or station

1- does Obama’s bill undo the restrictions announced in 1976? (Was 1976 just a PR stunt or were restrictions actually set?)(were those restrictions enforced?)

2- did Obama even need to pass that bill? (What difference, at that point, did it make?)

3- Was the CIA manipulating the media anyways? (Before 2012 and HR 4310)

4- Will they continue to do so regardless of any such bill/act?

5- does the bill (HR 4310) protect the CIA from being punished if someone were to stop being crooked and enforce the restrictions (set in 1976) or enforce the Smith-Mundt act?


The USA did not invent propaganda, in fact, it is quite common in the world, just not what we expect in the Land of the Free, America!  “The British government is banning RT and RUPTLY from the UK just like they did with the Iranian PRESS TV channel which was employing George Galloway… However, this time it is likely that it’ll be blocked and wiped from “” servers too and they might affect YouTube visibility… Apparently the Russian propaganda doesn’t ‘fit’ with the British propaganda,”  Chris Everard.

In addition, it is not like the Clintons started lying in 2012 because Obama passed a law for it. In fact, Ann Coulter wrote whole books tracing the lies back to 1998 in  High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton.   It felt like a miracle when Donald Trump got elected against the rigged election against Crooked Hillary.  Now it is like a miracle he can get anything done with the massive lies claimed as true as the deep state struggles to keep its illusion upon the public alive.

There is a reason we print “In God We Trust” on our money.  God is our only hope when the government decides to run fraud on the public at large.  Governor Brown who is the defacto dictator of California wants to ban the Bible, God stands in his way of being the God he can only dream of as the Governor.

In Los Angeles alone, there is an estimated residency of 8,000 MS-13 gang members. California must suffer wanton Sanctuary State policy so more innocent people will suffer the crimes of his refusal to work with the federal government to deport them. Safe House “States” harboring mercenaries for the deep state.  It is just lawlessness on top of lawlessness.  The government must be accountable and end the loop holes that allow knowing mis-statement of truth passed as fact. This is a must if the public is to trust and respect the integrity of their government representatives.

The leniency for making Fake News does not include the right to lie to cover-up murder.  At least it does not read that way to me. Nor when millions of dollars mysteriously disappear, so politicians do have to watch their crooked steps!

 Hillary can’t hide behind Obama’s propaganda law to escape justice should we get an attorney general who will uphold Justice upon criminal charges.  She should be investigated for her outrageous lies about how and why US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was brutally raped, tortured and burned alive until he died.This protection of propaganda against US citizens is something that should be reversed by President Trump.

 The game of trickery and deceit must end, and honor and dignity be restored.  In the meantime, watch out for Fake News.    MAGA!!

At least President Trump has brought a Real Lady into the White House.  Truth and honesty will get brighter as the swamp continues to drain.

Please comment if you would like to share your thoughts.  Share this post with people who may need to know that this loop hole was created specifically to make Fake News.  Support Trump, he is the only one who can possible get us back to the honest legal system we once had.  There is a form if  you would rather direct your thoughts to his desk.



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