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Since the death Of George Floyd, and even before that, the left has had blinders on when it comes to the people on the left. Do as I say not as I do. With the massive riots and demonstrations all over the country, and the burning of businesses, these so called “peaceful demonstrations” are not really peaceful! The left condones these so called peaceful demonstrations but not a word about COVID 19, nothing about wearing masks, or social distancing. How ironic that when President Trump holds a rally the left (Democrats, liberals and socialists) decides to bring up Covid-19, wearing of masks, and social distancing. And according to the left, President Trump shouldn’t have the rally, but not a word from them when the rioters took to the streets all over the country. Where were they then?? I’m sure some were with right there with the people in the streets rioting and acting a fool. The left has such hatred for this President they will do say and do anything to make him look bad, even if it was a good thing that he did that was good for our country and its Constituents! The left would rather lie and cheat to accomplish their end result- which is to get President Trump out of office one way or the other.

So what happened to American fairness? What happened to the integrity on the left? Are their minds filled with such hate and disregard for We the People that voted Trump into the presidency that they will stop at nothing to get him out of office? Will it ever end?? Imagine how much they could get accomplished TOGETHER if Congress would try and work with President Trump and meet him just halfway! Isn’t that what they are there for is to help the American people?! The Democrats are in panic mode with the failed Russian collusion and their failed attempt at impeachment! So now they are backing the violent protests and rioting to try and create a diversion as they ponder ways to steal the election with mail in voting. But you’re not fooling any one you silly Democrats! We realize and we are waking up to your games and your hatred for this President and the country. Just wait until November 3rd. The silent majority is alive and well…
Long live the United States of America!

Written by: Edward Sokoloff

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