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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

The biggest threat to the Republic of the United States is not the Russians.  It is not Climate Change.  It is not ISIS, Iran or Islam.  It is not the crises on the border.  The biggest threat to the Republic of the United States is the Democratic Party and the Radicalized Left.

The only thing the Democrats care about is staying in power.  They don’t care about children at the boarder.  They don’t care about black lives being snuffed out in Chicago.  They don’t care about women’s rights.  They don’t don’t care about transgenderism, the LGBTQ, human trafficking, the opioid epidemic, jobs, gun violence, the culture of sexual abuse, Russian interference, human rights or social justice.  Those are all just distractions and tools used by Democrats and the Progressive Communist Left to obfuscate, confuse, sidetrack, deflect and cover their one and only true objective. POWER!!!!

Obama made it clear when he ran for President in 2008 what his and the lefts object is.  On 0ctober 30th, 2008, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, Senator Obama said, near the beginning of his speech:  “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  But nobody was really listening or understood what he meant at the time.  His vision of Hope and Change for America was not one of a bright and glowing future for our country.  It was a dark and ominous vision of destroying everything that our forefathers and framers had laid out for this nation in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is a vision of everything our forefathers had warned us against.

Our government has been deeply infiltrated and entrenched at all levels with those who are dead set upon bringing this nation to its knees.  From former President Obama to Congress and Senate officials; to those working in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, IRS, EPA, etc; etc.  Add to that the Communist working and educating our children in grade schools and universities; not to mention the entertainment industry, and of course the media.  And you can be sure those who are heading up and leading the unions across the nation are communist.

Make no mistake, there is at work, one concerted effort to fundamentally transform and change this country from a free Republic to an enslaved communist state.

For years there have been those of us crying out and heralding the threat to America of a deep state, underground, shadow government; who’ve been working to overthrow our government by means of a silent coup.  Until recently we were considered crazy kooks, and conspiracy nuts.  But since all the revelations that have been brought about since the election of President Trump, we’re not looking so tinfoil crazy anymore.  People are starting to wake up, unplugging from the matrix and seeing with their own real eyes; that which was thought unthinkable; a conspiracy and plot to overtake our government by traitorous means.

The question is, how do we stop it?  First and foremost, by letting the Communist Leftest know we are no longer sleeping.  We are awake to what they are doing and we’re not gonna take it anymore.  We refuse to go the way of Europe!

Second, we need to elect vetted staunch conservatives.  Not just Republicans, but conservative Republicans, who believe in the America of our forefathers and the Constitution.

Third, write President Trump and Vice-President Pence, and let them know personally that you approve of what their doing and support their efforts.  I mean really, DO IT!

Fourth, write your congressman and senators and tell them what you want and expect.  If we all did this, flooded their mail boxes, it would have ten times the effect of picking up the phone.  Also put in your letters, you expect an answer back!  It will so overwhelm them and their staff; it will scare the living bodily waste out of them.

The thing that most scares the Left is the thought we are woken up and paying attention.

Lastly, demand our government be cleansed of socialist, communist and followers of Islam and its tenets.  And all government employees, elected, appointed or hired be held accountable to their oaths of office.  Making sure all violators are charged according to federal law.

If we do these things, and pass it on so others will follow suite, then we can begin to assure that there will be a Red Tidal Wave come November.   Grab your boards, and hang ten. Kawabunga dudes and dudetts!


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