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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her during a high school party in the 1980s has become a major flashpoint for Kavanaugh’s confirmation since she came forward publicly last week after a letter was introduced, accusing Brett Kavanaugh, by California Senator Dianne Feinstiein.

Christine Blasey Ford claims a “stumbling drunk” Kavanaugh pinned her down and groped her at a high-school party in the 1980s while his friend watched. Which Kavanaugh categorically denies ever happened.

The twisted sorted tale of Christine Blasey Ford and the way in which it came to light has a stench about it that stinks to the high heavens.

The supposed letter that Senator Diane Feinstein used to bring this debacle to the conscience and center stage of America has quickly turned a suspicious claim, into a modern day melodrama; complete with angry leftist mobs, armed with pitched forks and torches on the left, storming the castle.  They cry for Kavanaugh’s head on a pike and the burning of the body, having already tried, convicted and sentenced him in the court of public opinion.

A letter mind you, that Sen. Feinsteiin refuses to provide for everyone to see.

A letter, that she sat on for 6 to 8 weeks; all throughout the Kavanaugh hearings and testimonies.  A letter, that had no importance until it appeared and became evident that Brett Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed to the bench of the United States Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the socialist materialized left-wing mockingbird media have been wrenching up support for this poor, confused, debilitated, traumatized, brutalized, victimized woman.  Despite there not being any credible proof or witness to the event.

Even all those whom Christine Blasey Ford has named as witnesses have either flat out stated the incident in question, which she has eluded, did not happen; or those who supposedly had knowledge, recanted after they realized they would actually be called to testify under oath as to what they know.

This, in light of the fact that a poll conducted on Keith Ellison, a Democrat, who is running for state attorney general in Minnesota, after it was reported that he beat his girlfriend was as follows: A poll by the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio of 800 likely voters found that only 5 percent of Democrat responders believed the allegations made by Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, that the congressman physically abused her as recently as 2016.

Keep in mind, this is an accusation complete with police reports, documented medical proof and photographs of the victim, showing the devastation and brutality unleashed on the accuser at the hands of Mr. Ellison.

The Ellison incident, the Left, the media and Democrat Party virtually refuse to believe or acknowledge.  But an incident that supposedly occurred 36 years ago, without proof or witnesses, the Left, the media and Democrat Party fully embrace. So much so, it has sparked (a George Soros funded) movement.

Hollywood actors have created “I believe Christine Blasey Ford” commercials for T.V. and radio,  and the same phony, false and fake usual  activist have all crawled out of the woodwork, decrying the virtues of Christine Blasey Ford.

But no one in the media is at all asking why, why now?  Or, who is this mysterious women that no one knew until a few weeks ago.

Why is it being ignored that there are obvious ties to this women’s family. Not only to the firm that has helped to try and frame a president, Fusion GPS, but, also has direct ties to the CIA, and a company that makes abortion pills.

Christine Blasey Ford has written or co-written 8 studies on the abortion pill, known as RU-486, which contains the ingredient mifepristone and is sold under the name of Korlym. It is the one and only product sold by Corcept Therapeutics. Ford works for Corcept Therapeutics and promotes Korlym. Should that product be outlawed by the Supreme Court, the company would likely be out of business. That seems like a very powerful incentive to keep a conservative off the bench.

From The Gateway Pundit:
Professor Christine Blasey Ford, while working for Stanford University, was also affiliated with Corcept Therapeutics (2006 – 2011). Her new Wikipedia page describes her as “director of biostatistics at Corcept.” Corcept Therapeutics Inc. (CORT) has a $1.66 billion market cap (worth), with current annual sales of $216 million.

At the end of the day, is it not what the Left has made the Kavanaugh conformation about?  Abortion!!!

The Left fear that this one man, Brett Kavanaugh has the power to overturn Roe Vs Wade.  Thus stripping them of their wanton, lustful, unanswerable, un-consequenchel, unaccountable, lifestyle.  Denying them the right to rid themselves of any ties, obligations, missteps, consequences that might hinder their lifestyle, advancement, opportunities, happiness or freedom.

This isn’t about what Brett Kavanaugh may or may not have done.  This is not about seeking justice for a troubled and disturbed women.  This is and has always been about protecting a women’s right to ABORTION!!!

God forbid, anyone should stand in the way of the Left’s right to destroy life, in the preservation of their own.

The whole Christine Blasey Ford Vaudevillesque Circus has been nothing more than a dog and Mexican pony show by the Left and Democrat Party to destroy Kavanaugh and protect Roe Vs Wade.

The Lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford, has numerous ties to the resistance against Trump, and was caught on camera at a protest in February 2017 after Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the administration’s attorney general.

“We are going to fight back,” she told a reporter. “We are going to resist. We will not be silenced.”

Katz was identified only as a “protester” by ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The same lawyer who, on behalf of Christine Blasey Ford  asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to schedule a hearing for her to be heard on Thursday, allowing time for Ford to make the drive from California to Washington D.C. Ford’s friend, Kate Devarney, told CNN this week that Ford’s fear of flying is directly related to her allegation of assault, and that an airplane is “the ultimate closed space where you cannot get away.”

The same Christine Blasey Ford, who went to school in Hawaii to complete her PHD, and whose husband said in an interview, “she was so distraught over the prospect Trump could nominate Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court after his election victory in 2016 that, “She went online to research other democracies where her family might settle, including New Zealand.”  Evidently, flying is a selective fear.

This Rabbit Hole has no end.

Don’t be fooled by the left, and all their deceptive crap.  This whole Christine Blasey Ford affair is as rancid and dirty as the Mueller witch-hunt and Russian collusion case.

The more you know!  Enjoy the show.

TRUST God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


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