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by Jeffrey M. Gresio.:

Within an hour of Fridays senatorial confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to be sent to house for full vote President Trump tweeted, Just started, tonight, our 7th FBI investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He will someday be recognized as a truly great Justice of The United States Supreme Court!

President Trump on Friday ordered the FBI to conduct a limited “supplemental” background investigation into the allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed plans for votes but said Republicans are still moving “forward.”

“I’ve ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file,” Trump said in a statement. “As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week.”

Trump’s order came after several undecided senators whose votes are needed to confirm Kavanaugh called for a week long FBI probe before a floor vote.

But of course, the Left and Democrats being who they are, are never satisfied.  The White House,  has formally ordered the FBI to conduct an investigation. Actually the fact that the 7th FBI investigation into Kavanaugh after Christine Blasey Ford gave sworn testimony is brilliant.

Flake decided to give this left wing smear campaign another week of oxygen, allowing more time for last minute shenanigans to possibly occur. We know that when the FBI submits their preliminary report, the Democrats will demand more time.

There is nothing that will ever make them change their minds about this man. It’s delay, delay, and delay some more. That’s the playbook Democrats are reading to derail Kavanaugh. And to no one’s surprise, Ford’s legal team rejects the “artificial limits” of the investigation.

It needs to be noted this isn’t a criminal investigation, no grand jury, so they can’t subpoena records or force anyone to testify.  All the FBI can do, as was amply pointed out in the hearing, is give a report of he said, she said.  No conclusions will be suggested or reported.  The determination still comes down to the senators themselves to make final decision as to what the information shows.

Here is what Mitch McConnell had to say about it:
“For the information of all our colleagues, there were two very significant developments today. This morning, the Judiciary Committee reported out Judge Kavanaugh favorably.

All eleven Republican members of the Judiciary Committee voted in favor of reporting him out with a favorable recommendation.

Number two, we will shortly move to proceed to the Kavanaugh nomination.

I’m pleased to announce that all 51 republican members of the Senate support the motion to proceed to the nomination. One hundred percent of the Republican conference supports proceeding to the Kavanaugh nomination.

“Now in Committee, they reviewed the most pages of documents ever produced pertaining to any Supreme Court nomination. Literally hundreds of judicial opinions from his tenure on the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. And five days of hearings, during which Judge Kavanaugh testified for nearly 40 hours. Judge Kavanaugh testified on every topic from complicated legal subjects to sensitive personal matters. And there were testimony and statements from countless personal friends, classmates, coworkers, former clerks, and other associates.

So the picture that emerged from all this is clear: Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most qualified and most impressive Supreme Court nominees in the history of our country. He has excelled at the highest levels of legal scholarship. He holds two degrees from Yale, and for years has lectured at Harvard Law School. He has issued more than 300 legal opinions from what is widely considered the second highest court in the nation. Several have subsequently been cited in the Supreme Court’s own majority opinions. Along the way, he has built an outstanding reputation within the legal community for his clear, thoughtful writing and his exemplary, fair-minded judicial temperament.

Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications have been affirmed by his peers and by renowned legal scholars from across the ideological spectrum. One self-described liberal Democrat who advised him at Yale said that Judge Kavanaugh, quote, ‘commands wide and deep respect among scholars, lawyers, and jurists.’ And this praise has been echoed by hundreds of character witnesses who have testified before the Senate or written us letters to praise Judge Kavanaugh’s personal character and his integrity in the strongest terms.

The Committee has also thoroughly investigated the last-minute allegations that have been brought forward. The evidence that has been produced either fails — fails — to corroborate these accusations, or in fact supports Judge Kavanaugh’s unequivocal denial. And in some cases, the accusers have even recanted their baseless allegations. All in all, this is a nominee who has received what many consider the ‘gold standard’ of judicial qualification — a rating of ‘unanimously well qualified’ from the American Bar Association.

So, this is a nomination that deserves to move forward — and that is precisely what is happening. I commend our colleagues on the Committee for sending this impressive nominee here to the floor with a favorable recommendation. Now we will keep the process moving: The full Senate will begin considering Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination today.”

Now, moving along, many Republicans on the Senate Judiciary had their home addresses and phone numbers published on their Wikipedia pages Thursday.  In a process called Doxxing.

Shortly after Lindsey Graham went off on Senate Democrats for destroying Kavanaugh’s life in order to derail his confirmation, Republicans were doxxed.

The victims included Republican Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham reported the Washington Times.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, and Mike Lee were targeted and doxxed with their home/office addresses and home/cell phones being published online on Wikipedia through an anonymous IP address associated with the House of Representatives.

The IP addresses of the Doxxers leads back to a Congressional office.  The two vandal IP’s, belonging to the US House of Reps. This IP address has engaged in Doxxing and Vandalism previously.  National Security expert David Reaboi says the IP addresses point to Maxine Waters office.

The IP address of the villain who doxxed the Republican Senators is  It appears to belong to Kathleen Sengstock, a staffer for Maxine waters, who has posted from this IP address previously.

According to Caleb Hull, editor of the Independent Journal Review, the wife of Mr. Hatch “has been receiving calls nonstop ON HER BIRTHDAY and their home address was made public.”

CongressEdits, a bot account that for four years automatically retweets edits to Wikipedia made anonymously from IP addresses associated with the U.S. Congress, said the information was also posted on Mr. Lee and Mr. Graham “from US House of Representatives.”

There does not appear that any trick or stunt is to dirty or to undignified for Democrats and the Left.  Their vengefulness and constant wanting to settle perceived unjust scores continues to lend credence to Judge Kavanaugh’s claim that the whole sexual misconduct fiasco has been nothing more than retaliation for the Clinton defeat of 2016.

Also of special note, women screaming at Flake in elevator are Soros-Funded phony, fake activists! — NOT VICTIMS!!

Their names are Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila. The activist leader Ava Maria Archila has NOTHING on her Twitter feed about being a victim but she does have loads of information on being an activist leader.

Flake’s assault victim is co-exec. director of the Soros-funded left-wing group Center for Democracy & Center for Democracy Action Fund.

And now for the pièce de résistance, the brother
Christine Blasey Ford, recent Kavanaugh accuser, and sworn witness in judicial confirmation hearing, and the cousin of former FBI agent Peter Strzok are both currently employed in the same defense contractor circles. How about that ladies and gentlemen?

Although it is unknown if the families are secretly working together with deep state forces, the DNC and Hitlery Clinton, to take-down Washington D.C.-based Supreme Court nominee, the connection may be important to note.

Jill Strzok, cousin to Peter Stzok and Christine Blasey Ford’s brother Tom Blasey, work for Exelis Inc which is a spinoff of ITT Corporation, the very same corporation that Peter Strzok’s cousin Jill is currently employed by.

Tom Blasey is the company’s “Assistant General Counsel, Intellectual Property at Northrop Grumman.”

Now, add as previously reported,  Christine Blasey Ford’s other Brother Ralph Blasey III, worked for the law firm that paid Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton’s and you get a coincidence that is almost to mathematically enormous to imagine.

Now remember, Christine Blasey Ford’s father has direct ties to the CIA.
This whole attack against Brett Kavanaugh, the deeper you go has smear campaign and CIA psychological operation written all over it.

One more special note of interest: To all prayer warriors. Ashley Kavanaugh (Judge Kavanaugh’s wife): She has asked her Christian Family and friends to pray Psalms 40 over her family and also pray it for the nation. I am passing this along to you and hope you pass it to other saints that pray

How any one after the stunts pulled and displayed this week by Democrats and the deranged left could still in good conscience remain in anyway tethered to Democrats or the Left is beyond me.

The more you know.  Enjoy the show.

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


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