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Former President Donald Trump‘s Senate impeachment hoax trial defense team will include videos of Democrats encouraging violence, one of his lawyers said Friday.

The clips would counter videos that Democrats likely will show of the riot at Capitol and Mr. Trump‘s fiery speech at a rally shortly before the attack on Jan. 6, which Mr. Trump stands accused of inciting.

Trump lawyer Bruce Castor told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham “you can count on that” when asked about using video montage of Democratic members of Congress calling for violence against Trump administration officials and law enforcement.

“I’ve been looking at a lot of videos over the past couple of days,” Mr. Castor said. “You better be careful what you wish for.”

Democrats Encouraging Violence

Senate Lacks Jurisdiction

Mr. Trump‘s primary defense at the trial, however, will be that the Senate lacks jurisdiction.

At the proceeding, which is scheduled to begin Tuesday, Mr. Trump‘s lawyers will argue the Senate shouldn’t hear an impeachment trial since Mr. Trump already left office. Mr. Castor said the punishment if convicted is removal, which makes the issue moot.

“By the House impeachment resolution logic, they could go back and impeach Abraham Lincoln,” he said.

House Democrats charge Mr. Trump for inciting violence with his claims of election fraud and urging his supporters to protest the joint session of Congress which convened to certify the 2020 results.

They say he mobilized his voters to carry out the attack.

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  1. just a ploy by the democrats to impeach x president trump after leaving office as to keep him from being able to run for president again such a low ball way to do any president

  2. Until The Crooked Lying Politicians
    1.) Dropped the Impeachment and
    2.) Clearing All Charges Against and
    3.) Entirely Never Bringing This Up Again
    4.) I want President Donald J. Trump Clear Of Everything
    5.) I Will Not Trust Or Will Not Support Any Politicians Until President Donald J. Trump Is Clear Of Everything
    6.) Because President Donald J. Trump Is The Greatest President We Ever Had And Truly Put America And Americans First
    7. Unlike The Lying, Thieving Politicians More Interested In Serving The Themselves In Office
    8.) Instead Of Serving The People Like There Suppose To Do When Voted In Office

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