Mother’s Day Wish: Unseal Obama Records!

Even after the over 50  million dollars spent on fabricating crimes to find something illegal about Trump, the best yet has been to find a woman to claim she had sex with him and accepted money to keep quiet and then she used the payment as grounds to talk to anyone who would listen.  The fact that she is famous for her vivid explicit sex on camera in XXX Rated films, that is not really new being that the 44th’s mother was also a porno actress.

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The Devil Made OBAMA Buy that Dress!

 Lord have mercy, will someone buy this man some socks?  Have you ever tried to walk the street of San Francisco in a pair of heels like that?  The mayor of Oakland wants jail to keep the illegals safe from ICE agents. Perhaps she can loan this person a pair as long as she has socks in Pink.  We would not want to spoil the overall “LOOK”.

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Not My Woman’s March

Instead of being thrilled with the opportunities, the so-called feminists sweated out an identity —crushed when their “Woman” did not make it. They dropped, tucked and rolled into the most ridiculous costumes – female genitalia, or just attached some pink flap hats onto their heads, while they screamed and shouted about how they “do not want to be…?” That is where they lost ME altogether.

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