Show Your True Colors

Historically, showing your colors, has referred to the flag a ship flies to indicate their country of origin. Pirates, among others, have not always flown their true colors. Beginning in about the 18th Century, Showing Your True Colors, has come to mean showing your real character or personality, especially when it is unpleasant. When American show their true colors, they usually stand, salute, place their right hand over their heart, and cheer. Dishonoring the American Flag has been recognized by the Supreme Court as a means of political speech and social protest. Freedom of speech or expression is protected by the1st Amendment to the Constitution. This Right does not apply in private employment situations, which are usually controlled by fiercely negotiated contracts of employment. The recent controversy swirling around the NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem and the showing of the American Flag is just another incidence of Fake News.

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