When are Nuts “Nuts”? Human Squirrel: Really?

Help should be offered for people who dislike themselves so much they will go to extremes to be something other than who they are in reality. Being human should be a positive experience. In New Jersey there was a man who was convinced he was a pelican. His delusion ended abruptly when he jumped off a 45-story building and died in New Jersey, thinking he could fly. Did he think he was going grab a fish when he hit the ground? Why are people this crazy protected to maintain their false species regardless of the absurdity? Why are children being encouraged to take on reverse genders to the point that the court can remove them from homes for sex change operations that doctors charge thousands to preform.

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Fatal Square Root!

it looks like Gov. Brown signed an executive order to take weapons of deadly force away from teachers. The temptation to protect themselves when being shot at by student(s) now might include solid A+ grades at the end of the semester. Who would dare flunk a whiny student for something like not knowing basic English of more advanced algebra?

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