The Devil Made OBAMA Buy that Dress!

 Lord have mercy, will someone buy this man some socks?  Have you ever tried to walk the street of San Francisco in a pair of heels like that?  The mayor of Oakland wants jail to keep the illegals safe from ICE agents. Perhaps she can loan this person a pair as long as she has socks in Pink.  We would not want to spoil the overall “LOOK”.

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Rewind Five Years

There is really no more time to wait if you were thinking about jumping aboard the Trump Train.  If you are LGBT, you are welcome.  We just want to be respected as intelligent people and want the kangaroo courts to go back to Constitutional law that protects everybody, not treat conservatives like babies or even worse, furniture.  The phony oral diarrhea needs a cork in it. No more lies.  Please, lets join hands and Make America Great Again. 

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