MS-13 More Like Insects: Don’t Insult “Animals”!

By Cherylynn Costner: “They kidnap. They extort. They rape and they rob,” President Trump said last August on New York’s Long Island, where MS-13 has…

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Mother’s Day Wish: Unseal Obama Records!

Even after the over 50  million dollars spent on fabricating crimes to find something illegal about Trump, the best yet has been to find a woman to claim she had sex with him and accepted money to keep quiet and then she used the payment as grounds to talk to anyone who would listen.  The fact that she is famous for her vivid explicit sex on camera in XXX Rated films, that is not really new being that the 44th’s mother was also a porno actress.

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Boot Camp at the Breakfast Table!

Young people getting half truths out of context has raised a generation of people who simply can’t handle the physical demands of the armed services, and mentally are confused and been taught to think Communism is better that Nationalism, give up guns and lets government dictate their lives. After years of pushing to mind control the public, it looks like the globalists have scored a touch down, at least for now. 71% of eligible arm recruits would need to be put in a fat farm and trimmed down, with with lots of related health problems stemming from poor exercise and diet before they would be fit enough to carry their gear onto the battle field.

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Road Map to New World Order (NWO)

President Trump, with the help of the American People, has managed to persevere through the intimidation, intended to prevent him from exercising his rights as the head of the Executive Branch of government to the fullest extent of the law.  Here is a list of his achievements while they have been whining about irrelevant Russian scandals that to date are mere “nothing burgers”.

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Rewind Five Years

There is really no more time to wait if you were thinking about jumping aboard the Trump Train.  If you are LGBT, you are welcome.  We just want to be respected as intelligent people and want the kangaroo courts to go back to Constitutional law that protects everybody, not treat conservatives like babies or even worse, furniture.  The phony oral diarrhea needs a cork in it. No more lies.  Please, lets join hands and Make America Great Again. 

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