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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

The former US President Barack Obama addressed a function organized by Obama Foundation and also attended a media event on Friday here in India.

AS per the media report,Obama said “India needs to cherish and nurture its Muslim population that is integral and considers itself Indian. It is an idea that needs to be reinforced”


Responding to  specific question by India, Obama referred to India’s “enormous Muslim population” which is successful, integrated and thinks of itself as Indian. That is unfortunately not always the case in some other countries he added. Answering a question on terrorism emanating from Pakistan, he said, “We had no evidence that Pakistan was aware of Osama bin Laden’s presence there.”

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The above statement shows Obama wants to please one section of people and country indirectly.It is a strange when the whole world knew the Osama bin Laden mastermind of 28/11 terror attack how former U.S. President Obama said,  “US had no evidence.” So these remarks are to please Muslim people and countries and his support to those in the world.

Should Americans understand this strange statement of Obama?

By j.kri

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