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This ‘article’ is a little ‘note’ to my readers, as I know it’s been quite a while since I last published an article on August 31st.

While I’m still in the process of researching and writing several other articles, I will be doing kinda of little ‘short’ series looking into several candidates for both 2018 California midterms as well as the Gubernatorial election. These will NOT be endorsements, they will only be suggestions for people to make up their mind on these candidates and their positions. I’ve come across a couple of candidates I’m interested in but I’m not fully comfortable of endorsing anyone right now on the account the campaign for 2018 midterms and 2018 gubernatorial election has not ‘officially’ began yet.

I wouldn’t mind looking at candidates for other states as well, but for me since I live in California, I will be starting the with the declared candidates in California.

If I have time and haven’t finished one of the articles I’m currently writing, I will be publishing a ‘short’ by looking into a couple of candidates.

Another reason why I’m starting this new ‘series’ is that a lot of so-called out of state conservatives are constantly bashing California as a “liberal state” when we conservative Californians know that is not the case. I want to help some of these candidates get national recognition and that more people will know that liberal progressives politicians don’t speak for our whole state like I said in one of my previous articles Hollywood doesn’t speak for the whole state and neither do the liberal progressives in Sacramento.


Again these are not going to be endorsements, I just want to give these candidates more exposure so more people will know about these candidates ahead of the California primaries which will be held on June 5, 2018.

I think this will be good for both the voters as well as the candidates.

Also if you would like to suggest a candidate for me to look at you can do so in the comment section, if you do suggest a candidate please remember to include their campaign website or social media contacts in the comment section as well. So I will be able to follow them and learn about them.

Again as I said I’m currently starting with California Candidates but I wouldn’t mind looking at candidates for other states as well. I want to give more conservative candidates exposure, I want to give candidates who support The Trump #MAGA Agenda more exposure and bring them into a national race rather than just a state race.

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