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As expected, Elizabeth Warren is ending her ill-fated bid for the presidency in 2020 and now Pocahontas is gonna get herself a beer.

NEW YORK TIMES – Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts plans to drop out of the presidential race on Thursday and will inform her staff of her plans later this morning, according to a person close to her, ending a run defined by an avalanche of policy plans that aimed to pull the Democratic Party to the left and appealed to enough voters to make her briefly a front-runner last fall.

Though her vision excited progressives, that did not translate to enough excitement from the party’s more working-class and diverse base, and her support had eroded by Super Tuesday.

What’s Next For Pocahontas?

It will be interesting to watch if Warren endorses Sanders on the trail of tears, or if she takes her tin cup to Joe Biden.

A most likely scenario for Liawatha is a non-endorsement of Sanders without an overt endorsement of Biden and the Big Club; simply because a non-endorsement of Sanders is a covert endorsement of Biden and her limo-liberal alliance.

Maybe it will Dementia Joe and Michelle Obama for VP…then have Biden resign and Barack and Valjar are back at the helm.

Naw! Her life is too good to take on a campaign. Her association with the Hollywood rapist is too damaging. If the Indian lady endorses Joe than she will be the VP.

Joe will be nominated no matter what. The Democrats are ready to lose the presidential race thinking they will hold on to the House and maybe take the Senate. They will be wrong about being able to hold the House or take the Senate but they will try.

My bet is that the DNC has negotiated a deal with Warren. In return for dropping out and endorsing Sleepy Joe, she’ll be his VP candidate.


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