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I continually hear others say and write on social media- “How did our country get in this terrible shape?” The answer is simple, really!

Too many folks have stood on the sidelines and let it happen. They chose not to speak up, speak out, take a stand, or get off their lazy butts long enough to exercise the freedom of voting! They allowed political correctness to run amok. They allowed their children to become brainwashed by Liberal school boards, teachers at the high-school level, and professors on college and university campuses, where free speech has been stifled. They succumbed to the notion that Whites are totally responsible for the plight of the Black population, giving rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. They allowed ANTIFA to gain a foothold in our country, and they elected far-left politicians who are now pushing a socialist agenda that in effect would replace our constitutional republic.

They allowed our police and law enforcement officers to be killed, harassed, intimidated, and threatened to the point where I don’t understand why anyone would want to choose to follow in that honorable profession. They allowed members of the alt-left crowd to begin first by taking down Confederate monuments, and then proceed to their current targets of Jesus Christ, hallowed church buildings, busts, statues, and renderings of Christopher Columbus, our founding fathers, and Union generals who served during the American Civil War.

And now that it’s happened, they wonder how and who is responsible? Many, unfortunately, have to look no further than a reflection in their own mirrors!

It’s way past time to draw that red line in the sand, buck up, and say, “Enough is enough.” I would suggest to all my friends, if you’ve not already done so, adopt my attitude and fight for President Trump’s re-election. After all, he’s really the only one, save a small handful, who’s fighting for us.
Written By: Fred McKinley

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