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Stacey Abrams who still believes she’s the Governor of Georgia, spewed that America needs to ‘Screw the U.S. Constitution’ because the Democrats must win the 2020 presidential election.


Stacey Abrams, the angry Pillsbury dough girl who lost the 2018 governor’s race in Georgia to Republican Brian Kemp has obstinately refused to concede the race.

Now says that America needs to “go around” the U.S. Constitution so the Democrats can remove all the parts she doesn’t like.

Abrams was on a television talk show ‘The View‘ when she advocated that “she wants to ‘go around the Constitution’ to end ‘racist’ Electoral College.

All because she delusionally believes for the upcoming 2020 presidential election, we ‘[don’t] have time’ to wait for a constitutional amendment.”

Abrams explained why she says the electoral college is a ‘racist system whose time has passed and we need to get rid of it.'”

It wasn’t racist the first 240-years?

The Electoral College, in fact, is the constitutional procedure that keeps votes in Kansas and North Dakota as relevant as those in California and New York.

Without that procedure – and many Democrat states already are advocating for this – the president presumably would be elected by popular vote. That would mean California, New York and a handful of other, far-left states, would control every national election by virtue of their high populations.

The Electoral College dissipates that influence, because the vote is based on congressional representation, and senators for low-population states have the same influence as senators for high-population states.

Only Two States Would Really Matter

As we explained in an article years ago, that we just updated a few months back, the electoral college protects America from becoming a two-state election system.

In our article, Hillary Clinton Wants To Abolish Antiquated Electoral College we explained that If…

  • Donald Trump won every state in the union other than California and New York by a 54%-45% margin.
  • But the Democrats win California and New York by a 75%-25%
  • Donald Trump would lose the popular vote by 5 MILLION VOTES, despite him winning 48 states and an electoral college landslide.

Raise your hand how many people, other than delusional Democrats, would believe that is a legitimate outcome?

Newsbusters explained, “The hosts let Abrams explain at length her group’s work in fighting ‘voter suppression.’ Abrams ranted about the importance of the census for non-white citizens and immigrants. She even warned illegal immigrants and criminals evading arrest that it was important they answer the census to gain political power.


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