SNL calls black leaders praying over President Trump
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Black Pastor condemns SNL for labeling a group of African-American leaders praying for President Trump as “White House Negroes”


Calling it “racist commentary disguised as humor,” Pastor Marc Little, who is black, condemned Saturday Night Live (SNL) for their ‘House Negroes praying over President Trump’ sketch

Pastor Little spoke out after SNL comedian Chris Redd mocking a group of black leaders as “White House Negroes” as SNL showed a picture of African-Americans as they prayed for President Trump.

The group included former TPUSA activist Candace Owens, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, video bloggers and Trump supporters Diamond & Silk, Pastor Darrell Scott, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, and more.

“Look at these White House negroes,” Redd said. “Who are you all praying to? The ghost of blackface past?”

Of course, the only one who has been caught wearing blackface and did not pay any political price has been Virginia’s Democrat governor Ralph Northam.

But to be fair he could have been the one pictured wearing the white hoodie.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Black Face KKK White Hoodie

SNL’s Racist Trump-Hate

Continuing the SNL sketch Chris Redd went on to screech:

“Trump has got his eyes open during a prayer like he’s trying to remember which pocket he put his wallet in,” 

“He’s sitting there looking like the basketball from ‘Space Jam,’ just sucking all the blackness out of them. Does this look like black history to you?”

Little responded to Redd’s comments in a statement provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Chris Redd and Saturday Night Live don’t get to determine who is black,” Little said. “There’s nothing funny about a racist commentary disguised as humor.”

“Pastors like me stand in front of millions of black Americans every Sunday,” the pastor added. “We work with families who share the same concerns as any other American: what schools our children attend and how much we pay for our gas and groceries.”

“We stand for Christ over color,” Little said. “We stand against bigoted liberals who believe it’s wrong for others to pray for the President of the United States. They will not dictate who is deserving of prayer. God has already defined that.”

Little emphasized that black conservatives will not be bullied by “liberal elites.”

“President Trump’s policies are changing the lives of black Americans in historic ways,” he said. “Progressive policies have failed the black community, so liberal elites’ only response is unfiltered racism.”

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