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by Daveda Gruber:

When I want to entertain myself, I looked at the threads on President Trump’s tweets on Twitter.

Sometimes it makes me angry that so many people are saying mean things. That makes me tweet something nice back to Trump.

Of course, that gets me mean tweets back and I get to reply to these stupid people.

It tends to become a war of wits. I’m not sure that I win all the time, but I do try.

Am I trying to protect my president? Probably, in my own little way.

Maybe there are others who do as I do. Positive tweets come along with mine.

I suggest to people who know how to use twitter, state your opinion. Show support for your president.

If you cannot be a state leader or write articles that the ‘mainstream media’ will not, try to tweet.

Every little bit that we do helps.


I hope that I have inspired a few people to show their support for Trump. You can do this is so many ways. Just do it!

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