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With a constant barrage of social justice issues being force fed to us every day by the leftwing media and political figures in Washington, it’s hard to focus on matters that are actually important!
As people of one race- starting with Adam and Eve, we have a natural instinct to care when we see people anywhere who are suffering. However, through the years, Satan and his minions have worked tirelessly to do everything in their power to distort and throw off course our built in moral compass that God (through his sovereign grace and compassion) has given us. It’s really not hard for Satan to control the mindset of the masses when he has 98% of every mainstream media outlet, the entertainment industry, and politicians in his pocket! Remember- Satans number one goal is to convince as many of God’s people to turn from His light of truth, to Satan’s darkness of deception. And deception is his most powerful weapon!

Let’s take our current environment as the perfect example of what I’m saying.
The Main Stream Media, Hollywood, and Washington elites have managed to convince millions of Americans that the Chinese Communist Coronavirus is significant enough to shut down sporting events, outdoor concerts, outdoor festivals, 4th of July celebrations, every school in the country, and so much more. Not to mention more than half the closed businesses in the country sending our economy into a huge downward spiral where at this point it’s getting very hard to imagine if we can recover from it! Also the practice of wearing a mask in public is so common, you have to expect if you don’t wear one you will be verbally assaulted by someone who you really can’t get upset with because it’s genuinely not their fault they’ve been instilled with so much fear.
Meanwhile a quick trip to the CDC website and you find that the Chinese Communist Coronavirus still has a 98% survival rate with half of those infected never even feeling symptoms. So how can something, with the evidence that it’s not a big deal being right out in the open for anyone to see, be made into such a mass hysteria, economy killing, fear monster like it did?
Satan is the master at his job!

Another example (actually more prevalent to the article) is the issue of Black Lives Matter. A group that’s made up primarily of everyday citizens trying to do the right thing, but ran by nefarious, evil masterminds who have literally admitted that they are Marxist. Some may argue that they’re using the term a bit out of context, but by the very definition of Marxist, they know exactly what the word means and are nothing short of proud of being one.
The concept behind the BLM movement is that even though slavery ended with the civil war, and blacks were finally considered equal (like the constitutions original concept states) with the civil rights movement ending in1968, somehow in the year 2020 there’s still a “systematic racism” that exists. Despite the many high achievements by black Americans: Military leaders, CEOs, Star Athletes, Congress, Senate and of course President of the United States of America just to name a few; the MSM, Hollywood, and Washington Elites work 24/7 to convince as many people as possible that this unfair system driven by racism still exists. Just like the Chinese Communist Coronavirus, they’ve whipped it up to such a frenzy that any of the businesses that have not been shut down because of the virus have been burned down by BLM and Antifa “street soldiers”.
The number one agenda of the BLM movement has turned into dismantling the police force across our nation. The notion being that out of all of America’s institutions, the police force is the number one institution that suffers from “systemic racism”. The MSM, Hollywood, and Washington elites are on a dangerous path painting Satans next masterpiece of deception- that a massive amount of our police across the nation are racist and literally “hunting black people”.

Again, a quick trip to the internet and you will easily find the statistics that completely debunk this insane lie that has set many of our major cities across the country ablaze… LITERALLY!
To a God fearing person or even a person who still has his moral compass pointing in the right direction, a country without police to protect us would lead to a country in mass chaos and disorder, yet if you watch the news you will see we are actually heading in that direction! It’s surreal to say the least how fast everything is going in the wrong direction and to give an example of how Satan and his minions (the MSM, Hollywood, Washington elites) completely control the narrative. It was not too long ago, that for nearly a decade, the social justice warriors campaign spent the majority of their time battling bullying. Hearing stories of people being bullied to the point of committing suicide, it was a campaign that most decent people could emphasize with. From school production videos to fundraisers and more, people across the nation united for a good cause. Enter First Lady Melania Trump with her Anti-Bullying campaign simply called “Be Best”. In less than a years time after the First Lady announced her “Be Best” campaign, the topic of Anti-Bullying went from being in the top 3 of social justice warriors causes to almost disappearing. It’s just an example of how powerful the people are who are in control of what they want you to think about or not think about in this example.
In a rational world people would be able to realize that a white person can relate to how a black person feels when someone is mean to them because of the color of their skin. After all, bullys usually go after their target based on their clothes, skin complexion, families financial situation, or a person who is just socially awkward. Whatever the reasons, why does anyone have the right to say- “a white person doesn’t understand what it’s like to be treated meanly because of the color of their skin”? Shouldn’t we be simply going above and beyond to stop categorizing humans of ONE RACE by color? And shouldn’t we be going above and beyond to stop labeling anything and everything (EX: bully and racist) and start calling it out for what it is- EVIL? Sure a racist is an evil person that targets a more specific person due to the color of their skin, but a bully still has a target and statistically speaking in the year 2020 there’s a lot more bullies around than racists AND statistically speaking- more white people are targets of bullying and are the overwhelming majority that end up committing suicide because of bullies. So can’t we at very least say that white people can definitely relate to being victims of evil when it comes to being treated meanly because they’re “different”?

Another point people try to make to prove their “White privilege” theory is a black person can’t walk through certain neighborhoods without fearing for his life!
If we played the tit for tat game, there’s neighborhoods that a white person simply cannot walk through, PERIOD! It’s just as much a fact as coffee is hot. WARNING: Trying to point this fact out will definitely get you labeled as a “racist”!
As a society we can come together and organize protests, social media forums, fundraisers, etc… to bring awareness and to some degree effect change when it comes to bullies and racists. But let’s be realistic… There will always be bullies and racists as long as there’s evil. And until the great day of the lord’s return, there will always be evil. And lets be honest, America always was and continues to be the greatest nation in the history of nations. It’s broken down more walls and reached greater heights in the history of mankind to reach its original promise written in the Constitution that says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Now if I was Creepy Uncle Joe I wouldn’t have remembered that, but the bottom line is there’s not another country on Earth that deserves to be celebrated more for its diversity, freedoms for all, and treatment of all mankind than the United States of America! YET there’s not another country on this Earth that gets bad mouthed, slandered, and abused more than the United States of America (primarily by it’s own citizens)! How is this even possible, especially in the year 2020? Because it’s the perception Satan and his minions have been slowly indoctrinating people to see for a very long time now. They’ve been sewing seeds of hatred and division ever so discreetly through TV shows, Hollywood movies, government run schools and colleges of all kinds, politicians, and of course our beloved mainstream media, or as President Trump would call it- “Fake News”. They’ve been getting people to see an America that doesn’t exist because they know that’s the only way they can ever get America to fall from within.
So why is it so important for them to get America to collapse? Because it is and always has been the one true, good thing standing between them and their ultimate goal- world dominance or a one world government. The New world order if you will. They have a plan, and America with her beautiful foundation of God could never be allowed to exist as is for them to achieve this plan.

See there is such a thing as privilege, but it’s not “white privilege”. It’s the privilege Satan and his minions have to control the minds of millions, control the narrative through media, Hollywood and more,
in order to distract humans from focusing on what they don’t want them to focus on. They accomplish this with topics that cause fear, division, and contempt for America and all she stands for. The minions privilege allows them to enjoy their lifestyle of wealth, power, and social status that could only exist in a world that’s ran by the master of deception himself- Satan!

I know this article tends to jump around from topic to topic, but it can all be summed up by saying this…. Sinners Privilege has created a world of confusion and deception, fear and division, hatred and sorrow. We’re living in a world where people as young as 40 don’t recognize America these days as compared to how it was when they were children. Satan and his minions loaned some privilege to their street soldiers in the manner they can do what they want (ex: burn cities down, destroy cop cars and take over 6 city blocks), say what they want, and most importantly- they don’t allow us to voice our opinions! Think about that. They can run around, go on the internet and say the most vile, disgusting things, but if you dare simply disagree with them then you better watch out because they are about to show you that (in their mind at least) you don’t have the right to have an opinion, let alone speak it. This is privilege by its very definition and it’s a privilege that has been accumulated through the years, decades, and centuries by Satan and portioned out to his minions, starting with political figures and world leaders, then to Hollywood and the mainstream media and finally to the street warriors and social justice warriors on the internet. We can laugh it off as ridiculous because it most certainly is, but do not take it lightly. This privilege is just cement in the foundation of Satan’s ultimate goal on Earth. World dominance through a new world order with Satan as the all mighty God of this satanic kingdom while our real God, creator of the Heavens and Earth, of all life big and small, redeemer of our sins and eternal salvation through his only begotten son Jesus Christ, is nothing more than a mythical figure made up by man.

So the next time a social justice warrior wants to lecture you on your privilege, let them know about theirs. Stay strong everybody and make sure to put on the invincible armor of Gods sovereign word.

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