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EVERETT, Wash. (KOMO) — An unimaginable loss for six children after the death of their mother from Covid-19.

Family members said Sundee Rutter, 42, is one of six people who have now died from Covid-19 in Snohomish County.

The community is now rallying behind her children—ranging from middle school to college— who are now left without any parents.

Family and friends remember Sundee Rutter as a fierce fighter and single mom of six who beat stage four breast cancer. She lost her husband some years ago.

Her life of beating the odds—was ended by Covid-19 at the age of 42.

Rutter’s best friend, Jessica Harris says she is still in disbelief.

Sundee’s family said two weeks ago the mom started feeling ill and went to the hospital but was sent back home.

They said a few days later, Rutter had a fever and trouble breathing so her son took her to Providence Medical Center and she was admitted. They said after a week of fighting, she died on Monday.

Harris says she couldn’t believe it was true. She says she’d been thinking like many others all the panic over the virus was overblown.

“Her children need somebody to help them because the oldest is going to be leaving college and trying to find housing so he can take care of his siblings,” Harris said through tears “And that’s really tough.”

Harris says Sundee was careful about germs because of her compromised immunity from cancer treatments, but she kept working to provide for her family.

A GoFundMe is set up under the Ross-Rutter family name to help the children.



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