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by Cherylynn Costner:

Women do not have the shoulders of men to endure rough tackles, and that physiology does not change with male to female sex change surgeries. An element of society, however, enjoys watching violence against weaker targets.  That element will be waiting for the manly-girl to roll over the Australian female football players. The politics of the day overrode concerns about bodily harm and fair sports, which had caused a ban.

The AFL has cracked open the door to let transgender women enter as equals to biological females. That could mean transgender women in the USA could be hired by the NFL.  Who knows, it could help the NFL’s ratings.

Men have been sneaking into all women’s domains since the invention of theater. It is not brand spanking new, just talked about as socially acceptable so that Queens can be in the open. Hannah Mouncey said she welcomed the AFL’s decision, but it would be “highly inappropriate” for her to thank them for allowing her to “do something open to every other Australian, which science and research has supported all along.”

Biological females will have less ability to get the male to female removed from the team.  The only solution may be selecting larger, more masculine biological females for games that award big purses. If you were a team owner you would have to think about “Winning,” not just being fair and keeping the girls “Happy.”

This may be why they have done so much since Obama. The Queens were there already.  It is considered rude to call the burly woman a “dude. Think about it? Have you known women at work you thought were really men? Even some heterosexual women dress in men’s clothing, wear short hair and use no make-up.  Women’s desire for equal pay may prompt them to dress and look more masculine.

The biggest problem in football is real girls play rough, and may be nastier than their male counterparts to compensate for size difference.  If or when the transsexual player gets hurt on the field by a biological woman playing dirty, could that force a testosterone rush?  If so, she might tackle harder than the girlie routine used to get on the team, and then actually hurt the woman.

Field injuries will discourage many women from wanting to get into the sport.

“To be or not to be” may no longer be the question, after all!!


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