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by John R. Adair:


First, there are good cops and bad cops.  This is true of all professions and all people.  So, just be polite and respectful and chances are good they will reciprocate.  The best way to get respect is to give it.

Second, I agree that there are certain areas in the U.S. that are oppressed.  The areas that are not kept safe from crime and drugs.  The places that give criminals more rights than their victims.  The areas that the schools do not offer a safe, quality education to their students.  The areas where jobs are not available to all that seek them.  Those areas where restrictive gun laws hamper your ability to protect you family, but does not stop the criminals.  The people running these areas are to blame for the conditions there.

So, look first at your city, county, and state officials to see what they are doing to rectify the situation.  If they are not working to solve these problems, well, vote for those that will.  Otherwise, things will not improve.  These are your oppressors!

Then, look at the flag that gives you the right to protest.  The flag that allows that gives you the right to vote for who you choose.  The irony is that the flag is only lifted higher each time a knee touches the ground.  When that knee hits the ground, it shows your freedom not your oppression to the world.  Maybe, we should thank you for showing this to the world or…

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