Sheila Jackson Lee
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Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Claims says that the DHS is engaged in a “cover-up” in response to and I’ll quote her: “The Department Of Homeland Securities Own Inspector General’s report”

As proof of this DHS COVER-UP, Rep., Jackson Lee is using the DHS IG report that found poor conditions and “dangerous overcrowding” at Texas border stations?

Just to be clear… 

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is accusing the Trump administration of a cover-up because the Executive branches Inspector General wrote a report documenting the humanitarian crisis at the border, that they then gave copies to everyone?

WTH is wrong with these Delusional Democrats?

Amazingly, Sheila Jackson Lee never mentioned anyone drinking out of toilets? Strange huh?

This is the same BS the Democrats tried to pull with the Mueller report claiming cover-up after the DOJ released 98% of the Mueller report, only redacting the grand jury testimony that by law they could not release.

Just wondering… Whatever happened to those accusations?

The Democrats must have forgotten all about them.

Just as they have forgotten about these same conditions taking place under Obama.

And of course, who can forget… Oh, wait. I meant to write…

Who else but the Democrats could forget that in January President Trump announced that there was a humanitarian crisis at the U.S. Southern Border and he was declaring a “National Emergency”.

Of course, The Democrats screamed

“Dictator Trump is making all this humanitarian stuff up because there is no crisis at the border. Trump is lying with his Fake National Emergency”

And what did Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) have to say about President Trump’s request for funding to ward off the Humanatariun Crises 6-Months ago?

But of course, Jackson Lee declared it a #FakeEmergency

Support Boots on Ground Trump 2020!

KVIA-TV reported

A senior member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Sheila Jackson Lee, made her comments Monday after touring the Clint border facility which has been criticized for its treatment of migrant children held there.

Jackson Lee said, “DHS is doing nothing but covering up from the top down.”

She also says that agency leaders including Kevin McAleenan, who is acting Department of Homeland Security secretary, have failed to say how they will utilize the $4.6 billion appropriated by Congress to address the issues in the report.

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