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Democrats like Sen. Chris Murphy spread out across the Sunday morning talk shows to relaunch the debunked hoax that President Trump is a Russian stooge who will have the Kremlin’s help in the 2020 elections.


One of those who was promoting the latest debunked Russian Collusion Delusion drivel was Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy , a man who has his own history of collaborating with America’s enemies, in particular Iran.

The corrupt media ignored the treachery from Murphy and other Dem senators who during a trip to the Munich Security Conference, met secretly with leaders of the world’s top exporter of terrorism.

It was clearly an effort to undermine official U.S. policy toward Tehran as well as to stab President Trump in the back and was an outrageous breach of protocol even for the Democrats.

At a minimum, it was a violation of the Logan Act.

Despite what some consider an act of treason, Murphy was an honored guest on CNN’s “State of the Union” where he spewed conspiracy theories that were music to the ears of Jake tapper.


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