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by Kathy Crest:

In a TOP SECRET meeting this week, members of the Communist party, George Soros and Nancy Pelosi, met with other officials to discuss new strategy in their effort to conquer the world, as their pathetic scheme has been failing as of late, thanks to President Trump.

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct have upset the elites and sent them scrambling to gain back the control they have accrued over the past five decades. Their plans of a New World Order have come to light once again, and this time they cannot deny their attempt of a totalitarian style takeover. At this point it appears they don’t even care who knows. All they are concerned with is not losing their much desired control.

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The Donald Trump presidency has thrown a huge wrench in their plans, as his transparent style of governing is exposing a well laid out plan that includes a one world government and banking system, the removal of all religions except for the worshiping of the “order”, and even plans of exterminating large numbers of the population. Those who do not conform, and others who serve no purpose in life, would be eliminated from the world. Eventually they would “create” only the perfect of people who would serve their needs, never object, and give them the complete control they have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to gain.

The meeting was held in secrecy, and a Washington Post reporter by the name of Janell Ross would even shirk her responsibilities to her superiors, not disclosing that she would be attending and even speaking before the large group of cultists. The California event was hosted by “The Democracy Alliance”, which sells itself as “the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States”. The liberal group also claims to “play a leading role in fostering the infrastructure necessary to advance a progressive agenda” in the United States. The meeting was to be held in secrecy, but in today’s world that seems to be an impossible feat.


The three day conference was held at the ultra posh La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California. Those in attendance, all progressive donors, promised to donate at least $200,000 each to help push the Communist style agenda. The Free Beacon appeared to be the only reporting agency allowed into the meeting, other than the Washington Post reporter who was listed as a speaker. She reportedly was on a panel who’s focus was in “getting the economic narrative right”. The leading leftist agenda has always been to destroy the economy around the world so that followers are dependent on the order’s government.

A copy of the conference agenda was obtained by Washington Free Beacon reporters, explaining that the Democracy Alliance is a “safe place” for donors and activists to meet. Guests are instructed not to share members’ names with the press and not to post to any social media sites, to contact Democracy Alliance if “the media or a blogger” contacts them, and to “refrain from leaving sensitive materials out where others may find them. The secrecy of the meeting only adds to the worry of what a George Soros style of rule would mean for America and the world. A full copy of the program detailing the 3 day event can be seen here: Click Here


A few hours prior to the event, guest were invited to attend a talk by George Soros himself. A pre-taped  video of California Democratic Senator, Kamala Harris, welcomed Soros to the event. Other politicians invited included Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, Democratic Senator, Amy Klobuchar out of Michigan, Democratic Representative, Ben Ray of Minnesota, and Virginia’s governor elect, Ralph Northam. Special guests included failed California politician, Sandra Fluke, Liberal CNN contributor, Van Jones, and Center for American Progress CEO, Neera Tanden. Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards was also in attendance. David Brock, who created the far left leaning “watchdog” group known as Media Matters of America, was seen as well, and reportedly hung around the bar until after midnight.

Gara LaMarche, President of Democracy Alliance, wrote earlier this year that Trump’s victory was “the most cataclysmic election of modern history”. Could that be because she and other progressive figures knew he was a man who could not be controlled by the giants of the George Soros run cult? Were they afraid of his transparency that might expose the massive corruption that has taken place over the last five or six decades? The recent release of the JFK files, kept under lock and key since the assassination, is one example of Trump’s attempt at helping Americans understand what he is dealing with, and why our country is in such desperate shape. The classified files uncovered the CIA’s agenda and their quest to create false flag terror attacks on American soil in order to convince the public of going to war with countries like Cuba and Russia. Our own government was prepared to kill innocent Americans in order to push wars, because wars make them very wealthy. The documents also proved what most Americans have suspected for years, that Kennedy was not shot by a lone gunman.


President Trump is exposing the sick fetishes of many elitists by bringing out one sex scandal after another. Those involved range from Hollywood stars, music moguls, media figures and congress members. The main stream media was forced to report on the scandals after being called out as “fake news” for months. They do not like making public any controversies effecting the left. But Trump makes it known that he will use his power to tweet, making it difficult for the media to hide these types of scandals. The internet does not help their cause as well. Before Barrack Obama left office, he made sure to place a monopoly on the internet by selling it off to the U.N., where members do not have to abide by the first amendment. This has not stopped a long list of lawsuits against social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Google and YouTube CEO’s are also finding themselves being hit with their share of suits.

What hasn’t been exposed as much is the pedophilia taking place within the elitist circle. Kevin Spacey has been called out, but there are many others who abuse children and under aged teens for their sexual pleasure. Trump may be leading up to this by exposing many of the predators who take advantage of adult women, not wanting to “shock” the senses of ultra-frail snowflakes. The media would have portrayed him as “out of his mind” if he would have gone full force with his accusations.

he populace seems to be immune to the corruption in Washington D.C. as one scandal after another goes by without any sense of accountability. After all, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot we can do about it anyway. But there is a line to be drawn, and that line would be the sexual abuse of innocent children. There appears to be a pedophile ring that stretches around the world, and since Trump has taken office, over 3000 predators have been taken into custody. He started with the low level offenders and is now working his way up to the elites. Hundreds of children have been rescued from the grips of these filthy demons who have no respect for the welfare of our children. Often they are tortured at the hands of their abductors, and murdered to assure their silence. Thousand of children are trafficked each year in a business that brings in untold amounts of money. Many believe when this story breaks, it will be the end of a George Soros funded empire.

The arrest of Anthony Weiner accompanied by the release of hacked emails by WikiLeaks, has been the demise of the Liberal agenda. A file named “LIFE INSURANCE” on Weiner’s computer contained over 650,000 emails, some of which NYPD officers claim to have made them break down and cry. WikiLeaks would release the emails of John Podesta, who used code words known by the FBI to be used by pedophiles. He and his brother, Tony, are the prime suspects in the abduction of a young girl in Portugal, yet they walk the streets without a care in the world. That is all changing now, as they are now under investigation for their involvement in the Russian Uranium One deal. Money and power has enabled these disgusting animals to get away with the molestation of children.

Hillary Clinton was reported as saying, “If Trump wins, we are all gonna hang.” She and her husband both took many trips to what is known as “Pedophile Island”. Their good friend, Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile, was charged with abducting teenagers and bringing them to his private island in the Caribbean for other millionaires and billionaires to engage in sex acts with. Of course their escapades came with a fee, which helped Epstein reach his billionaire status. Many have suggested there are videos of both Bill Clinton and his wife engaging in such acts. One in particular has Hillary and her long time secretary, Huma Abedine, joined together with an under aged girl.

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I can only imagine what was discussed behind closed doors at the California function. These people are fully aware of what the rest of us now know. They realize their time of power and control just may be coming to an end. It is no wonder they have called for Trump’s assassination. For the past 9 years they have made every attempt at creating a “normalcy” out of things like transgenderism. This was their lead into creating an atmosphere where adults having sexual fantasies that included children would no longer be frowned upon. In fact a document drawn up by Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, lists 12 perversions that are currently illegal that were set to be decriminalized. Pedophilia, bestiality and polygamy were on the list.

America was founded on morals and ethical behavior. Hollywood has sensationalized illegal activity for decades through their sex filled movies and violent video games. This was all done in an attempt to create an “anything goes” society. Today, young women think nothing of aborting a child. 75% of all black babies are born out of wedlock and most of these children will grow up on welfare. Illegal immigration has become “acceptable” in many Liberal states where leaders make up their own rules. If we do not put an end to this kind of immoral activity, our country will fall like so many others. It is way past time to take our nation back, and restore the ethics that our founding fathers instilled within the laws of our constitution. We do not need college professors who brainwash our youth and leaders who have a nefarious agenda. If America is allowed to cave to this kind of destruction, there will never be a chance to get our values back.



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  1. I love God and I am convinced that President Trump is God’s choice in helping the world not only Americans. I am thankful for his service and am sure he will continue to do an awesome job for us with God’s tender and strong touch. I am thankful that the bad guys are being exposed everyday. I am thankful for freedom and for those who serve our country, cities, counties, states and our Christ bearing churches.

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