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Judge Neil Gorsuch is into his second day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

This procedure will take as long as the dems want to stretch it out.

Democrats are grilling Gorsuch on everything they can possibly dig up on him.

Gorsuch is a good man who has no ‘dirt’ on him and his career.  If there was ever a man to nominate for the position to fill the late Justice Antonin Scalia, this is the man.

This confirmation will go through by hook or by crook, the Republicans will use the ‘nuclear action’ if necessary to make sure President Trump’s nomination.

The dems, on the other hand, will put Neil Gorsuch through the grinder before this happens.

This confirmation should clearly go through before the Easter break but from what I see, the  dems are dragging the questioning and trying to get Gorsuch to slip into a mudslide.

Gorsuch is a highly intelligent man with a impeccable reputation for being a man of principle and integrity.


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  1. peaceful transition means a completely different thing to liberals! if, as was stated, Mr Gorsuch is destined to be selected, why in Gods name would any sane person delay it. other than wasting time and money, it serves no purpose! wake up libs!!!

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