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By Jennifer Sasser:

Below is a video which exonerates Roy Moore….. I just added it because it’s so complete and shows what The Left are doing.  The topic that we’re discussing

today is Sean Hannity and whether he’s accurate, supporting Roy Moore or is he accusing the Judge, or is he covering for himself in the case of Roy Moore the political candidate who’s running for Senate. I think that he is being his usual self but considering the accusations against news anchor Sean Hannity, he’s in a difficult spot!


On the one hand he has Keurig, his sponsor who has temporarily pulled the advertising from his show which got Trump supporters posting videos of them smashing Keurig coffee makers and Sean is saying no, don’t do this! Stop smashing Keurig coffee makers. They are his bread and butter, the sponsors. so one can understand. He’s got the left who’s always after him, well, they did this with Bill O’Reilly and got rid of him, so they’re like a dog with a bone now with whatever they can do with Sean Hannity. A right side friend has said he has gone over to the left side and is Judge, Jury and Executioner, concerning Roy Moore like he’s already guilty. The leftist writers are saying he is defending this heinous man (Moore) who they have deemed guilty. John McCain has said regardless of guilt he should go out of the race. Well traitor John also is his usual self, with outlandish comments as that. Somebody, please, put him in a retirement home now!

To tell the truth, ever since I heard of this case, I felt it was a little fishy, just like those cases when Trump was running for president. Okay I am right-wing, hopefully this is obvious, like I write for Trump-times, that should give you a hint. Now I have (like most right wing, or all) difficulty understanding the leftists who have deemed Roy unworthy to run now and he is guilty, guilty!! They are Judge, Jury and Executioner in this case. But my question, is to me obvious. Why after 38-40 years, all of a sudden,(out of the clear blue sky) are these women coming up and accusing Roy Moore? I mean now they all come up NOW? I want to ask, who’s paying you? The Clinton Foundation? Get real. I can see my leftist friends and family wagging their fingers at me now, with disgusted faces, like they just ate a bug.

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Now one conservative said that it may help Roy Moore’s chances and this is most interesting.How about it happened that the left did this and that to discredit Roy Moore and Sean Hannity who got caught in the crossfire, but in the end, it will all turn out well for both Moore and Hannity.It’s like a chess game well played. When Moore is vindicated he will win. And Hannity will be Hannity.

One more thing, is that Darrel Wilson, the stepson of Roy Moore accuser has come forward and said that his stepmother is doing this for the money, and that as far as he knew being in the family, it’s the first he heard of the alleged rape or abuse. He remembers Judge Roy Moore as a youth, standing up for the ten commandments, and that is what this is all about. He said she did it for money or to get him out of office. He says we need Judge Roy Moore, to bring back praying in schools, and conservative, Christian values. this Video was included in the You tube video, above.   We need more people to come forward to help Roy.  As Hannity would say: Tick//tock!


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