SCOTUS Could Declare Pennsylvania Vote Unconstitutional

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A defiant President Donald Trump tweeted throughout the night about his ‘legal challenge’ to Joe Biden’s supposed victory. Trump’s lawyers claim SCOTUS could declare Pennsylvania vote unconstitutional and that 9,000 non-residents voted in Nevada – as witnesses say their votes were denied.

President Trump tweeted late into the night on Sunday, over 2020 election voter fraud after defying the media who declared Joe Biden, ‘President-Elect’.

In a slew of tweets sent around midnight Washington time – two of which, of course, was flagged by Twitter for containing disputed information.

The President retweeted various news reports alleging voter fraud and other irregularities while calling for all claims to be fully investigated before the election result is allowed to stand.

Pennsylvania vote unconstitutional

President Trump is planning a series of rallies where he will show off obituaries of dead people that his campaign claims were allowed to vote while touting other allegations of fraud.

Among the legal avenues identified by Trump’s lawyers are:

  • Challenging the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision that ballots arriving up to three days late can be counted in the total. The US Supreme Court has already ruled those ballots must be kept segregated and tallied separately, while the case is pending
  • At least 15 ballots, and as many as 100, have been cast on behalf of dead people in Pennsylvania
  • Pushing the FBI to investigate claims from a postal worker in Pennsylvania that supervisors instructed him to back-date postmarks on postal ballots
  • Investigating ballot-counting software in Michigan that tallied 6,000 Trump votes as Biden votes. That supposed “error” was caught and corrected, but the same software was used in at least 30 states.
  • Investigating claims that up to 9,000 people who no longer live in Nevada were allowed to vote in the state.
  • Investigating claims that people who went to vote on election day were told that their ballots had already been cast for them, by someone else
  • Raising doubts over software used to check signatures on mail-in ballots cast in Clark County, Nevada.
  • Poll workers blatantly handing out sharpies for voters to use to fill in their ballot, despite the fact that ‘Sharpies’ are forbidden since the ‘bleed-through’ would negate their ballot.
  • The sudden appearance of 200,000 Biden ballots in Michigan.

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