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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

Prince Miteb, 65,son of late king Abdulla and former head of the National Guard was among some family members detained this month for the crackdown on graft charges by the authorities.

After reaching an acceptable settlement agreement with the authorities, the Senior Saudi Arabian Prince Miteb Bin Abdullah who once was a leading contender to the throne, has been freed on Tuesday after agreeing to pay over$1 billion to settle the corruption charges against him, a report said.


Around 200 people have been questioned in the crackdown and Prince Miteb is the first senior figure to be released among those detained. Saudi authorities who estimate they could recover around $100billion of illegal funds on reaching agreement with the suspects.

By J.krishna moorthi


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  1. sounds like he was kidnapped and that was the amount of ransom he had to pay to be set free. If he is a royal shouldn’t he have some kind of protection?

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