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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

President Donald Trump has said US cities should be sanctuaries for Americans not for criminal aliens a week after a US court acquitted a Mexican immigrant accused of fatally shooting an American woman, 32  year old Kathryn Steinle, while walking with her father and was shot by Mexican national Jose Inez Garcia Zarate in San Francisco.

The shooting elicited controversy and political debate over San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city, as Zarate was a Mexican national who was unlawfully residing in the US.

Trump has highlighted the case as an example of the failure of sanctuary cities where local officials did not cooperate with authorities to enforce immigration laws. Asserting that no Americans should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crimes committed by those illegally in the country. Trump said that cities should be sanctuaries for Americans not for criminal aliens. He also said “…We mourn for all of the American families, of all backgrounds, who will have any empty seat at Christmas this year because our immigration laws were not enforced”. He has a really patriotic mind thinking always about America and its people.

I hope the Americans will support Trump in the future as we continue to make America great again!!!

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