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Alison Collins, the ultra-liberal vice president of the San Francisco school board in a typical, ‘Do As I Say Not As I Do‘ Democrat move, refused to resign (or apologize) after a series of anti-Asian racist tweets she made in 2016 were uncovered.

Of course, these tweets from Alison Collins is a huge faux pas since anti-Asian violence is the hashtag liberal activists ‘outrage-of-the-month‘.

On Sunday, the school district’s entire senior staff denounced the school board’s vice president Alison Collins, saying she hasn’t adequately taken responsibility for the shocking tweets, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

In her tweets from Dec. 4, 2016, Alison Collins, San Fran’s ultra-woke liberal school board VP said that Asian American teachers, students, and parents had used “white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead.’”

Now while wouldn’t be considered unusual for a woke feminist liberal nut-job like Alyon Collins.

Her posts did contain racial epithets that were, KGO reported.

In one tweet, Collins used the ‘N-Word’ to describe Asian Americans as ‘House N***ers is still being N***ers’

Alison Collins San Francisco Liberal School Board VP Racist Asian Tweets

Alison Collins, Issues Typical Democrat ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ Apology

On Saturday, Collins expressed regret for the pain her words caused — but declined to admit her tweets were racist and insisted they were taken out of context.

Because this woke liberal laughably believe someone needs “context” when reading “Being a house n****r is still being a n***r”

Nevertheless, like the woke social justice warrior she claims to be, Alison Collins soldiered on in her delusional tweet:

“A number of tweets and social media posts I made in 2016 have recently been highlighted. They have been taken out of context, both of that specific moment and the nuance of the conversation that took place,” 

“But whether my tweets are being taken out of context or not, only one thing matters right now. And that is the pain our Asian-American brothers and sisters are experiencing. Words have meaning and impact,”

“… I acknowledge that right now, in this moment my words taken out of context can be causing more pain for those who are already suffering. For the pain my words may have caused I am sorry, and I apologize unreservedly,”

It’s a good thing that she works so closely with San Fransico’s schools because Alyson Collins needs to look up the definition of “unreservedly” because this ain’t it!

Despite her sorry, not sorry apology, On Sunday, all 19 of San Fransico’s top administrators at the district’s central office — including deputy superintendents and department heads — said in an open letter to district staff and the school board that they are “united” in a responsibility to share the “grave concerns” of their colleagues and the community.

Here’s some much need context from TuskerDaily

Alison Collins is the Vice-President of the same San Francisco school board that voted to cancel Abraham Lincoln because according to these delusional woke liberals…

The Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, Didn’t Demonstrate That ‘Black Lives Mattered To Him’

As Tusker Daily reported back in July 2019, Alison Collins helped lead the SF School Board’s insane efforts to remove the supposed ‘offensive murals’ of George Washington that had been painted by a person of color inside San Francisco’s George Washington High School.

Even Liberal San Franciscans Hate Alison Collins and Their Ultra-Woke School Board

On Saturday, San Fransico’s Mayor London Breed and other top elected officials and several community groups called for Collins’ resignation, according to the Chronicle.

Vince Matthews, the Brave and Bold San Francisco School Superintendent liberal declined to address Collins’ tweets specifically, but instead sent a note to district staff saying,

“We have to band together and speak up when we see or hear racist actions or behaviors perpetrated against any member of our community.”

Meanwhile, another of San Fran’s brave and bold liberal, board president Gabriela López defended Alison Collins, saying she appreciated her colleague’s apology.

Wait. What? I must have missed it.

Several of the tweets were published by the recently formed Recall SF School Board group.

Siva Raj, who co-founded the recall group with Autumn Looijen, responded to Alison Collins’ racist tweets by saying:

“It kind of seemed to be judging Asian Americans for wanting to like study hard and work and give the kids an education,” 

Well before Alison Collins, racist tweets were uncovered, the Recall SF School Board group wanted her and other members of San Fransico’s woke school board replaced, citing:

San Francisco’s classrooms have been shuttered since last March despite the city’s low COVID-19 rates.

Meanwhile, the school board spent much of the pandemic focusing on issues such as voting to rename 44 schools and ending the merit-based admissions process at Lowell High School. 

San Fran City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a lawsuit against SFUSD in February for failing to come up with a reopening plan that meets state requirements.

Mayor London Breed has called on the Board of Education to provide an “actual timeline” for a return to classrooms.

Watch CBS Report On Alison Collins

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