The Roy Moore Scandal Just Took a Very Sharp Turn!

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by Kathy Crest:

In a breaking news report tonight, the Washington Post has just revealed that one of the women who accused Judge Roy Moore of having sex with her when she was just 15 years old, had in fact made false accusations against the Republican figure who is now running for Senator of Alabama. The woman had also claimed she was forced to have an abortion after the encounter with the former judge.

The Washington Post is now claiming that the woman was trying to set up the media outlet in a “sting” operation, and that she was hired by an organization by the name of Project Veritas. The CEO of Project Veritas has refused to comment, according to the Washington Post. Project Veritas is known for its undercover sting operations that have embarrassed many politicians, media outlets, and others who were targeted for their lies. This news comes after Gloria Allred, attorney for another one of the women who have accused Moore of a similar encounter, has come under fire for the inconsistencies in her client’s story.

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Another twist to the Washington Post claim, is that not long after the Post broke the sexual misconduct story, a woman claimed to have overheard a Post reporter bribing a woman with $1000 to make a false claim against Moore. The woman said she had taped the conversation and said she was turning it over to police. Nothing ever came of her claim and the tape has never been released.

The Washington Post is claiming in their report tonight that they never published the original story because of “inconsistencies” during the conversation between the accuser and their reporter. But that is a lie in of itself because they were ones who broke the story in the first place! Something just isn’t adding up here.

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Could it be that the audio tape really does exist and the Washington Post is just trying to cover their butts? If it does really exist will they claim it is fake in an effort to fool the public? Gloria Allred has been under attack for what appears to be another false claim against Roy Moore, and with this latest Washington Post revelation, things may take a turn for the worse for the “ambulance chasing” attorney. Her client told how she was sexually abused behind a restaurant where she worked at age 15. The only problem is, the store owners have told how they have never hired anyone under 16. The encounter supposedly took place behind a large garbage dumpster behind the store, but the owners once again poked a hole in the story, saying the dumpster has always been on the side of the building. The woman also produced a yearbook that she claims Moore signed, as he states he never even knew the woman. Allred refuses to have the signature and writings examined by an expert as the ink would confirm if it was written within the last month or 30 years ago. And the most telling sign, is the woman’s claim that she never saw Moore after the incident behind the restaurant, but Moore produced court documents showing he had presided over her divorce case some years ago.


Other women have also made similar claims but have stayed back in the shadows. It is beginning to look as if Moore may have been set up and the target of a very ugly attack. The Alabama election is just days away and a very important one, as President Trump needs every Republican vote he can muster up to get his plans approved. Moore beat out Luther Strange, who is known to be part of the “establishment”. Moore has been vocal about his “anti establishment” values. Republicans and Democrats alike have called for him to step down, but he has continued to back his claim of innocence and refuses to back out of the race. Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake, was recently caught on a hot mic telling a colleague that a Trump/Moore party would mean the end of the Republican party. Trump is also against the status quo, and has promised to “drain the swamp” of corruption that has been going on for decades. Trump has neither given Moore his support or called for him to step down. As of today Moore is in the lead and beating out his Democratic opponent.

Other rumors have also hit the airwaves that claim top Democrats and RINO, Mitch McConnell are the ones responsible for the attack on Moore. If he is indeed innocent, I hope he and President Trump can get to the bottom of this. We have seen an unbelievable amount of similar accusations against elitists and government figures, and falsehoods should never be taken lightly. If we allow these schemes to continue, it will only send a message to these politicians that any time they are faced with a difficult election, they can just make up a lie and attack their opponent.


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  1. the Plot thickens.. I hope Moore gets in and that he is vindicated for all the wrong doing he never did!! I think it’s despicable that people lie and get paid for it. I am glad people are coming forward with tapes that show his innocence.

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